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Something to really think about?

Sheannutt 9 Feb 28

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Locate a safe, clean source of water. You can live for days without food, but not very long without water. However, if I am the only one left, would I really want to hang around?


Cry for my family...every single one of you


Raid every store I can think about. I won't be here very long. I bet it stinks though.

@Sheannutt It would stink everywhere there was a human corpse.


Probably get in a car and look for people. It would be too weird and if something like that could happen, then so could zombies!



Read books, lay in the grass naked-> DANCE too, ~ travel as much as I can and LEARN more.

Seek out luxury,

Look for animals?!!!!!!! Live with them, trying to help keep them alive IF...

STAY CURIOUS, absolutely.


Hunker down until I can do better.


go to the DMV and walk directly up to the counter, drive around in a badass car looking for badasser ones, brush up on my bowling skills, throw things from really tall buildings just to watch them smash, go to all the Posh hotels and stay in a different bed every night... one thats made up of course.


Usually wake up lol


Pop the champagne, turn on the music, and dance!

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