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A Birmingham school that has been praised for teaching LGBT equality lessons to its pupils has been forced to suspend the classes due to protests from religious parents who are withdrawing their children from the school.

Humanists UK, which campaigns for inclusive relationships and sex education (RSE) in schools, including promoting tolerance and respect for LGBT people as part of RSE, says Parkfield Community School’s decision to temporarily drop the classes is a ‘deeply worrying’ development.

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AtheistNews 6 Mar 4

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FEMINISM and Atheism is our birthright...we all evolve from the female sperm ever grow to adulthood and zero alleged gawds interfere in life children deserve all the facts and know adult communities await their full future citizenship choices in seeking love/life partnerships....when religious communities practice tolerance instead of force their false preferences upon all others we shall have a world free of rape and sexual violence from birth to our aging years


"Let us not be tolerant, let us drive them out, they have no place here" Adolf Hitler.
Let's not let that happen again. I'm too old to fight, but old enough to be put in a camp.


Some communities are still backward and deny science because they do not like the information.

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