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Had 3 teeth pulled today. Can't sleep... up working and playing on here a bit. The older I get, the less I can sleep well. I even took a sleeping pill. Narcotic pain meds wire me for sound... ugh... face is swollen but I'm so glad that is over.
anyway... anyone else up? What do you do with your time when you can't sleep?

Knitfreak 7 Mar 8

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When I can't sleep I might read, or knit/crochet. I've been known to get up and start sewing if I have a project in progress. I will take benadryl at times, depending on what time it is and what is on the schedule the next day. Or booze has the same rules. Or depends on day/time I might just start my day.




Talk to us! So sorry that you are hurting.


Lady. Cannabis is legal in Michigan. Fire up one hit of indica & you will sleep well.

LOL yes... that is coming today 😀 and I can't wait.

It's going to be available in Ohio soon. Unfortunately you have to be on death's door before you can get it. I wonder how long it will be before we will be free to roll up some weeds in a piece of paper and walk down the street smoking them without getting thrown in jail.


Mmmm you are hinting that the "Golden Ages" aren't so golden. When I can't sleep I play computer games. Fortunately I can usually sleep.

Lol I do that too! I will be playing stardew valley all weekend I think...


I come from a family of insomniacs, only one who isn't - I try to embrace wakeful time, get up and do something (draw,read, paint, occasionally clean the kitchen) and usually even reading will make me terribly sleepy again in an hour or less. I wonder if it's attitude? or genetic. Sorry no proof to offer!

It runs in my family too plus being a woman of a certain age 😉

I do like you do. I used to get upset about it. I finally decided to embrace the time and sleep when I'm able. Fighting it is pointless. I read, knit, work, play online... play with the pets ... 🙂 there's lots to do in the wee hours.


Uhmmm... There's the polite answer...
Then the real story.

already did that... next?? 😛

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