8 13

You just don't understand! Or do you?

By BeeHappy9
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I actually call my house The Girl Cave. It's full of books and yarn and knitting needles and sewing things and lots of computers and tech gadgets ... All the Little Creature Comforts that make me happy

Nice and cozy... no snacks? ?

@BeeHappy I have snacks and wine

@Knitfreak Oh! Doubly good.


Did you say snacks?

Yes! Yes I did. ?

@BeeHappy I have cookies! smile009.gif
(evil laugh trailing off in the background...)

@RiverRick are you trying to lure me away?


So is sitting on a mountain top eating snacks. Oh, maybe it is just the snacks.

Yup. It's ALL about the snacks.

@Donotbelieve Yep... snacks.


Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Sticks48 Level 9 Mar 8, 2019

If I'm honest... yes & no for me too! ?


More profound than I care to admit.

tioteo Level 7 Mar 8, 2019





My home is my oasis, my haven, my sanctuary.


When your life has HEALTH, PEACE & FULFILMENT it does not matter where you are!

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