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Ebola treatment centers under attack in Congo.


The pandemic takes one step closer.

By Elganned8
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What a mess

darthfaja Level 7 Mar 10, 2019

Does that article not sound EXACTLY like so many apocalyptic science-fiction book first chapters? Whenever I hear these news articles I think of the "great filter" theory. Nature is indifferent in the methodology used to balance our planet's ecology.


What is it about? Why are they attacking these centres. Mistrust of vaccines? Those who administer vaccines? Not wanting to change their burial rituals? Another example of not trusting science? Lack of education? The article was rather vague about why the militia groups were attacking the centres.

ToolGuy Level 8 Mar 10, 2019



I am more concerned about the 800 mountain gorillas remaining. Humans are a "virus with shoes".

@Elganned well we were hoping for better numbers from the antivaxers, but it's slow going. Maybe this will help with over population


Welcome to the Congo where death is life.

48thRonin Level 8 Mar 10, 2019

They need military help.

zesty Level 7 Mar 10, 2019

The Congo has has plenty of military help. I suspect that is the problem in fact.

@OwlInASack The right kind of military help, American.

@zesty I really hope you’re joking...

@OwlInASack Absolutely not!

@zesty ok - we may have to agree to disagree here. Personally I’ve seen the US military ‘help’ up close and it was shocking.

I, like many, feel that the world would be dramatically better if the US military a) stayed at home and b) was a lot smaller.

As an American veteran who actively participated in a few of these exercises, I must agree with you.
Having the delivery of supplies of a non-military nature, such as medical and infrastructure supplies, handled by the USAF might be ok. But even that would probably lead to gunfire of some type.

@bigpawbullets yeah - I’ve got nothing against the individuals. Know’plenry of decent humans who’ve been soldiers. But places like the Congo... what a mess! I’ve been there and it’s just a disaster zone with guns everywhere.

When we look at the British and Us military adventurism of the past 50 years it’s hard to think of a situation where we’ve improved things!

I was an aid worker for a few years and used to give my military mates shit about how we had to go and
clear up there mess - but without any guns. Not entirely accurate perhaps but it sounded good!

I worked for several years supporting the USAF strategic planning group, programming game theory and scenarios. There is no Order Of Battle anywhere in the combined military of the USA that doesn't start with basically "secure the LZ with troops". You'd never see a military medical unit deployed to foreign soil without armed support. And we know what the leads to.

@bigpawbullets yeah - right! I once saw US soldiers somewhere in Central or East Africa. Can’t remember where. But it was remote and officially you didn’t have a mission there. At the time I had to wonder what they were doing. Didn’t make myself too prominent with the question though!


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