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What is the difference of significant importance between a handshake and having protected vaginal sex?

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zesty 7 Mar 10

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A handshake is not sex

bobwjr Level 10 Aug 15, 2019

Yes, how about a sexy handshake?

@zesty depends on what you are shaking lol

@bobwjr 😁


You are fucking hilarious. My answer is hpv.



The difference is that men don't give a fuck to handshakes with women.


What makes you think I would let you penetrate my body? Now I don't want to even shake your hand. Dummkopf!

I never wanted to penetrate your body. Just posted a question.


Don't you mean unprotected?


@zesty protected sex, as its name suggests, is protected against disease as long as the protection is intact, a handshake of clean hands shouldn't be too concerning, a handshake of unclean hands might cause many types of contagious diseases.


A hand shake is a much faster way to greet someone.

But less satisfying.

No argument there🙂


You can shake hands with the same gender without being accused of being gay, or some other pejorative.




Handshakes rarely produce orgasms.

skado Level 9 Mar 10, 2019

Sometimes it is the same with sex! Lol


HIV syphilis gonorrhea etc. Versus the flu

Interestingly, in the swinger lifestyle the STD is practically nonexistent. Flu like symptoms are more prevalent.


one says nice to meet you, the other says nice to meat you. so just an a.


I hate shaking hands..

Varn Level 8 Mar 10, 2019

You can't have protected vaginal sex in public.

Not yet!

@zesty And let's keep it that way for hygienic reasons and not to force people to see that against their consent


They are quite, quite different in an over some many levels. Both Sociological and Psychological.

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