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The second almost new Boeing 737 to crash in the last few weeks.This is worrying. Are faulty computers overriding the pilots commands ? I'm planning a trip to Amsterdam at Easter. I think I will make sure that it's on an Airbus plane.

Moravian 8 Mar 11

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This is definitely concerning. Aircraft are supposed to have multiple redundancies in their systems to prevent such incidents, and the pilots should be able to take full control of the aircraft at any time if need be.

Let’s hope the NTSB fast tracks this investigation and finds out what is going on quickly. Perhaps the Dreamliner should be grounded until there are answers.


If I were traveling, I'd share your concern.


These recent dreadful accidents need thorough’s extremely worrying in almost brand new planes. I think they should all be grounded in the meantime as a precaution.

I think they have mostly been grounded now and have been banned from all UK airspace. I don't know if this is true but I heard that because this model has heavier engines located further forward there is a tendency for the plane to stall so the computers have been programmed to drop the nose of the plane if this happens.

The pilot can override this but the airlines and crew have not been fully informed of this. I find this totally unbelievable but if it is true Boeing are going to take a massive hit. Time to buy some shares in Airbus I think.

@Moravian it’s quite horrifying! Yes I did hear on the news earlier that the U.K. had grounded them.


Yeah I'll stick with my Chevy thanks


Come down to to Hull and get on a ferry. I used to do walk ons to Amsters for about £20. (Student days!)

Sounds good I will check it out I have taken a ferry from Weymouth to the Hauge in the past but the direct flight from Inverness is tempting.

@Moravian Lazy boy!

@Amisja At my age I have to reserve my energy for more enjoyable pursuits.

@Moravian I know but think about the mother, air travel is bad 😉

@Amisja I try to do my little bit for the planet. I cycle to the shop for my paper each morning and look scornfully at those who drive the same distance and I try to take the bus to town instead of driving, often being the sole passenger. Re planes, trains, ferries etc. They travel if I am on them or not so what the hell 😉

@Moravian Ok fairy nuff...but yer welcome to come for a brew

@Amisja Very kind of you. Who knows, maybe one day

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