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While checking out of Walmart yesterday, I overheard, although I couldn't hear exactly what she was saying, the cashier giving an apparently rehearsed monolog to the customer ahead of me, who she just checked out.

When she finished ringing up my groceries, she went into her prepared monologue, which went something like this: "I'll be praying to the lord for you to have a blessed day...." when I interrupted her by saying, "STOP, if I wanted to hear a bunch of religious crap like that I would attend church, which I don't". She got quiet, finished the transformation, and I left.

Normally I let it go, that is when it's just the "have a blessed day" crap, but this one went too far, in my opinion.

Should we be calling all such religious comments out?

OldHippieAtHeart 6 Mar 11

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Ignore not her fault her manager is forcing them


I try to ignore most of them. For some reason I can't ignore the homeless people that give me a God bless after I give them food. I immediately tell them I do not believe in God and I give you food because I'm a decent person not because I believe in any religion.


Cashier banter ends when ritual prEyer begins....there are Hindu Muslin Jewish and Atheist employees and this idiot xian has no right to shove this insane alleged conversation with an alleged deity from her fucked up pornographic misogynistic the manager on the receipt with the cashiers name and demand she be reprimanded for forcing stupid belief upon customers in your line by time and date....the cameras will catch how she is wasting bagging time and making other customers wait needlessly


Have some fun with it. Try saying "I feel like I am being blessed right now, where is the restroom?" or "I can't tell if it is a blessing or if there is a toad in my shoe", or "yes, hasn't satan blessed us with such a wonderfully warm day?"


Almost wish I had 'emergency' copies to hand out in situations like yours. []


Maybe ask who they're talking about? Then choose a god that isn't that one (probably they'll say Jesus), then say something like "May Zeus strike you down for your blasphemy!" 😛


Yes indeed, my time is too valuable to waste on such BS, as is yours!


Reply, "Praise Odin!" loudly, or offer to sacrifice a goat to insure her happiness.

JimG Level 8 Mar 11, 2019

They can bless me in their heads all they like. Same magic beans.

Bringing it into the open? Makes me want to say something equally bizarre back.

"I hope you aren't abducted by Aliens today" comes to mind. ???


Last time I got hit with the "god bless you" on checkout, I was taken aback. Here I was, being affable and making this woman laugh, and as she hands me my receipt she utters those three eye-rolling words.

It took me a second, and I know there was an awkward pause where I just kind of looked at her.

Then I just said, "Uhh ... no thanks" and left.


How can we know until we find out what she transformed into?


You should learn to be more tolerant of the mentally challenged!



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