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More antivaxx logic, for your dining pleasure!

Charlene 9 Mar 12

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The analogy is faulty.

The true analogy would be that one feels the government has no right to tell you that you have to feed your kids meat because your research shows that eating meat carries risk with it (heart disease, obesity, etc) even though it is of benefit to a great majority.

I'm pro-vaxx but also pro-choice in this regard. I believe in the science of vaccines, have them myself, and had I children would get them for them. But I also believe that the government should have no say in what I do, or don't, put in my body. Now, the government does have a say in who can be in public property and thus they have a right to state that only vaccinated individuals can be around public buildings or schools... part of pro-choice in this context is that we also have a choice of who we hang around with.

So while I support voluntary vaccination, I cannot support state-mandated vaccination... i cannot support the government telling me what I should, or should not, put into my body.

I agree with you completely. I and my children are vaccinated but I did almost have a child die as he is allergic to eggs and vaccines are incubated in eggs. One of the real problems with modern vaccinations is the number that are given at once, the new shots are vastly different from when I was a child. Plus the number of autistic children now compared to before is skyrocketing. It should give one pause to reflect if this is indeed a positive course for humanity.

I'm aware of the link between egg sensitivity and vaccines. There is a recommendation in place that while this doesn't disqualify and individual from vaccination, observation should be done for 30 mins after if you know you are allergic to eggs and getting a vaccine to check for reactions. As is the case with your child, reactions can be severe and "almost" dying is not the same as dying and now your child has one less thing to worry about... traumatic in the short run but worth it in the long run.

However, the link between autism and vaccines has been thoroughly vetted as not only false, but a hoax based on scientific misconduct. Hence, even if autism is on the rise, there is no established correlation between it and vaccines.

It's a fucking joke..get it..

@TheMiddleWay The rise in autism could simply be to more diagnosis.


I have to stop eating now. I don't want to be one of those people who choked to death. I just finished eating, now I am paranoid watching and waiting to see if I am going to die from eating. ??????


PERFECT, sadly.....


Sadly realistic.


I just think we should hook the anti-vaxxers (Pro-plaguers) on the dihydrogen monoxide "conspiracy".


You would not get me going anywhere near that stuff. Not while theres gin left anyway. LOL


I know someone who got the flu shot and was in a car accident two days later. The dangers are REAL!

On a serious note, I recall reading the account of a woman who was in the waiting room to have her child vaccinated when the infant had a seizure. If that seizure had happened 30 minutes later, there's nothing on Earth that would have convinced the woman it wasn't due to the vaccine.


Well said. Many anti-- vaxxers forget that the first man to come up with the concept was promoting his own vax. Then others came along that figured they could make some money writing books and we bought it.

I do not understand what you are trying to say.

@Aquaeyes If food is being compared above to things in the anti-vaxx movement I am going back to what caused that. A man promoting his own vaccine and how the public missed that part of it, then writers took it up because they wanted to make some money. It's created for money and all false. As long as any child or adult has an allergy to anything it will be considered as "real" and people will fight vaccinations. The truth is, I've seen the demise of deadly diseases in my lifetime due to vaccinations.


Very good. And of course that assumes that the dangers of vax are as real as those of food.


An excellent post, thank you! And another benefit of not feeding one's children is that you would not be forced into buying them clothing as they grow larger because of having been fed. Save lives, save money...

And no changing dirty nappies, washing dirty faces, hands, etc, cleaning up floors after food has dropped everywhere or simply vomited up, etc.
Ah sheer bliss for parenthood....LOL.


Brilliant love that sort of parody.

Me too..


OH FFS, way haven't the squirrels done their job and collected up ALL these nuts?

Maybe they wanted something with some nutritional value?!?

@Rustee Yeah you'd right there, most animals are pretty particular about what they eat, except carrion eaters that is, such a pity Vultures aren't Herbivores then, they'd dispose of them I'd reckon.


We refer to them as Pro-disease or Pro-plague at work

Perhaps there should a kind of 'Open Season' on Anti-Vaxxers running from January 1st. to December 31st. annually where hunters are armed only with rifles the same as veterinarians use to sedate animals, i.e. ones that shoot vaccine syringes from long range sniping positions.
Such 'hunts' could be enhanced by offering cash prizes such as, $ 30,000 for the highest confirmed hits and so on down the line.

@Triphid - another excellent idea! I am a very good shot with a handgun, rifle, and shotgun, I doubt it would be too difficult with a tranq gun! Think of all the money I could earn, and make our world safer!

@Rustee Me, I'd prefer to use arrows with syringes attached, they are relatively silent and tend to penetrate a bit deeper....LOL.

@Triphid - that would work!!

@Rustee Surprise is, after all, half of the battle, is it not, and nothing is more surprising than a very quiet arrow coming, seemingly from nowhere.


I almost feel like a base jumper, my dinner is in the microwave. but once again I'll take my life in my own hands?



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