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How I feel waiting for my order to arrive... bought some new clothes. πŸ˜€

Knitfreak 7 Mar 14

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I once bought on line a t-shirt with the Roger Federer logo. It happened to be a Chinese provider: it took 45 day to arrive.


I know that feeling, I do lots of shopping online. Dealing with lines of people, parking, sales people, standing, weather.... nahh, just stay home and order from the comfort of my living room.


Breath........I actually prefer when stuff comes a long time after I order it, and I have mostly forgotten what to expect. So much fun being happily surprised at my good taste! Lol!

it gets here tomorrow wooooo hoooooo ?


I have Amazon and Zappos at my house all the time. Gotta love it!


You CAN have it now, Varuca. It’ll just cost you premium pricing..

yeah... I got free shipping... sometimes you get what you pay for, eh? πŸ˜›

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