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? ?? What have you done lately to show your significant other that you love them? I'm not talking what you bought for them, like flowers.... What have you said to them, what have you done for them...

And if you haven't anything lately, are you planning to do something now?

Cutiebeauty 9 Mar 17

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I give my significant "others" extra treats in the morning, and let them sleep on my bed when they want to.


Don't have one yet. Only two dates in.


Well,what i have done is....watching @actofdog while he is asleep all night coz his night time is my daytime like he used to do while i am asleep too and i finds it so sweet,like i know that everytime i open my eyes in the middle of the night he is there watching and checking on me in the cam and i felt so secured...


Yesterday I left a message, singing "Happy Birthday" to my daughter with a vibrato and schmaltzy finish. Claire called me back.

Gave Claire a birthday card and colorful wrapped gifts. And sent a funny e-card. She loved it. Her Dad gave her $50.

Everybody loves opening wrapped gifts.


I've just said "so, are ya gonna suck my green dick or what?" Was that too cold?

Depends on whether she did it or not ???


Preparing house for gf arrival next weekend. Bought toilet accessory glassware in her favorite color. Purchased new comforter and sheets in lillac color, and hung shelves in the bathroom to accommodate her cosmetics. Emptied dresser and closet for her and moved my things to spare bedroom. Still preparing.

You're a good man Nick! ? is she moving in permanently?

@Cutiebeauty Hope so. Thats the plan.


My wife and I spend very little time part, we love to sit holding hands watching movies and enjoying one another's company.

That's so sweet ??



What I have done today is write.

I LOVE YOU ????????????
MAHAL KITA ????????????
JE T'AIME. . ????????????

Because my maganda kayumanggi ang mata babae will see this later.


Boom! ?


Gotta find him first... anyone got a compass? ?

Go west young..... Lady lol

@Cutiebeauty Uhhh... If I go much further west I'll be in the Pacific Ocean! ?


Just put all his clothes away off the clothing rail that had collapsed! Done all the laundry, left him to his prep and making his tea.


find them. apparently they're lost.

Awww hugs

@Amisja very very sad, but its simple.


This is by and large a dating site for singles who happen to be agnostic or atheist. Whom exactly are you attempting to reach with this post?

not so much as it once was. lots of people in romantic entanglements here.

Actually this site isn't much of a dating site as many are here for community... Also, I know many here who have met on this site and are currently in relationships...


Romantic evening sweet kisses and hugs kiss her face and eyes tell her how much I love her gentile caressed her body hold tight tell her how much she means to me how empty my life would be without her


my what?

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