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I first heard this Harvard Math Professor when, in the late 50s, I was in grade 7 or 8. A classmate brought some of his records into class. Yep vinyl! He is the most irreverent satirist who saw everything as grist for his mill. This is a religious one but I hope you like it. What do you think about it? []

ToolGuy 9 Mar 19

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In addition to Lehrer, there was another unusual figure who appeared at about the same -- Ken Nordine. Nordine was a DJ from Chicago with a deep, resonant voice. In the mid to late 1950s, he put out an album entitled "Word Jazz.: It was a fantastic creative work. Then came "Word Jazz II." After that he did a lot of good stuff, including some recordings with Jerry Garcia. I particularly loved one of his later album "Stare with Your Ears" and one entry on that album, "Angels' Lament". Again, you can find almost all of his works on You Tube Music.

Look it up. It will be worth the effort.


Forgot about that . I almost fell over in laughter the first time I heard it and it has aged well


That was wonderful! Way to bring a little humor - satire? - to such a stodgy subject!!


I remember that, the day it was announced that Henry Kissinger had received the Nobel Peace Prize, Tom Lehrer ended his concert by announcing his retirement and saying nothing he could possibly do in satire could ever top that.


Tom Lehrer has been one of my favorites for decades. I aspire to be half as good as him.


Love it, love it.


Lehrer had some great stuff, both in his first record and on his album entitled "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park." You can find all of his recordings on YouTube Music.


I grew up listening to Tom Lehrer. Love this!!!


the man can really tickle the ivories.


Love it!



I've known about him for some time but didn't know that he was a math professor at Harvard. I looked him up on wikipedia and it says that he did not complete his doctorate. Although he taught classes at Harvard, he would not have been a professor.

Professor has a colloquial meaning of one who professes knowledge, not just more formal meaning of assistant, associate and full professors.

@LimitedLight I'm pretty sure that without a doctorate he would not have been assistant, associate or full professor at Harvard. I imagine he taught there when he was in grad school.

Did I say he had such title?? Read again. FSM's sake.

@LimitedLight Did I say that you did?


I have 2 of his song books and the albums in my laptop! loved him since the 80's

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