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Is the "afterlife" possible without a god or gods?

Storm1752 7 Mar 19

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I don't believe in any "afterlife".
People just want to believe in that bullshit because they fear death.
Bunch of pansies.


I don't think that we need one magical, non evidence based thing to be able to have another magical non evidence based thing.


Not to be all nerdy or cheesy

We are walking electrical currents.
Use the concept of ‘the force’ from Star Wars if you will.
I have always viewed life as a swirl. Yin/Yang Push/Pull Balance

As @chooseluv so elequently touched on it can not be created or destroyed. What has always been will always be.

We all share this. Sometimes a person is all new energy that hasn’t been utilized sometimes it’s all old, or any combination in between.

To me this explains
Reincarnation: remrmberamce due to old energy
Paranormal: old energy still taking on shape, bad and/orgood. I would also imagine there are a few that can sense this in people

We die we go back to the earth and energy is shared somewhere else

Yeah kind of hokey
But it’s just a thought


My belief is that we have one life, and when our time is over we are dead. Finito, end of story. Of course, never having died and been reborn - that I know of - I have no way of knowing if I am correct or not. If there is an alternate universe or a reincarnation, that might be pretty nice. Promising an after-life is only one of many dangling carrots to entice people to follow the dogma of a religion. I would prefer to plan for one life that I have in hand, but if I do have another shot, well, whoopie, let's party more the second time around!

That is an excellent point. Our point of view allows us to "live for today." THAT is the crucial difference. Or, if there IS a God in some form which does not entail the belief in supernatural entities dispensing rules, which is most likely the case, the same thing applies: party on!


When a person dies, they cease to exist and there is no brain activity.

Believing in an after life is a comforting thought to some, but after you die is likely as it was before you were born.



Anything is possible. Why religions are a croc of shite as they claim to have the answer, the only answer, out of an infinite amount of possibilities.
Probable? That's a different question.


We have never witnessed even the simplest on/off information processing without some machinery, when the machine stops functioning it stops functioning, no thought of any sort.


If there is nothing beyond this life then what is the point of our existing ? We come from nothing be nothing and return nothing? If thats the case why even bother ?

That IS the crux of the matter. If you're a nihilist there IS no point, if not, there's the possibility there IS a purpose fter all, an "afterlife."

Could we say that the meaning of life is to enjoy the ride? Is that enough?


Not possible either with or without.


I don't give a fig about the after life. After I am dead there is nothing, just nothing, unless of course the prince will come and kiss me while I lie there in my crystal casket.




There is an after life. When we "die" here, our soul (energy) goes on to another dimension (afterlife). Unless we choose to stay here, we are recycled back here in another human form.

You will know you have "died" and came back if you've ever had déjà vu.

Remember, we were once star dust.

I am very nonreligiously spiritual. I believe and know that we can communicate with loved ones who have made it to other dimensions. We can all channel our loved ones, it's a matter of trying and actually doing it. It's not in my imagination either.

Interesting...and no god?

Where can we read about these dimensions?

@Storm1752 No god. We are energy that never dies. We are our own "god."

@SleeplessInTexas where read about that and these dimensions?

When a person dies, their brain no longer works. There have been many many test determining that there isn't any activity at all in the part of you that is in charge of thinking and talking.
So how can you communicate with a person who has no way of communicating?


I used to think it wasn't possible. Now I'm not so sure and the more I read about universal consciousness and how the brain works, the more I think it is possible. One thing I definitely have no idea about is what form that afterlife might take, such as if we are returned to a oneness of consciousness (assuming we came from one) or carry on with our own personal one.


For me I have a past and I have a now and tomorrow is not guaranteed so I'll live in the now and not worry about the then for no one has an absolute answer. So to me it's a waste of time to worry about it. ?


Afterlife would exist if consciousness holds together beyond death.
Our current scientific understanding of conciousness sees it as simply the product of connections within the brain. Based on this, we would have to say: no.
However, as anyone who studies the brain & conciousness will tell you, there is a LOT which we don't understand. Based on that lack of understanding, we cannot rule it out.
Applying this brings us to our answer...

Possible but unlikely.


I actually believe that all energy in the Universe is recycled so when you die you go back into the grand mix. Maybe not what you were but what you will be


The concept of a afterlife is simply a old question about mortality. I understand the need to ponder and contemplate, but on that subject, in the absence of science it is solely conjecture. Logic and rational thought simply does not leave room, for me, to consider any of those dogmas. Consciousness stems from the brain. The brain stops or is damaged, who we are ceases.


Anyone can make up their own afterlife if they want without any god to be judged by.


I don't know.


No "afterlife" is possible with or without any god.


It's funny. The very first comment I ever made here was in a thread regarding the afterlife. I'll repost it here.

A myriad of bubbles were floating on the surface of a stream.
"What are you?" I cried to them as they passed.
"I am a bubble, of course!", nearly a myriad of bubbles replied, and there was surprise and indignation in their voices.
But here and there a lone bubble replied "We are this stream", and there was neither surprise nor indignation in their voices, merely a quiet certitude.

Wei wu wei

Sorry for the double post.


Well, you might be a computer simulation. In which case, all sorts of interesting possibilities for an afterlife come into being.

No god required, except the engineer who programmed you.


it is just as possible with or without gods: NOT lol. a basic understanding of anatomy tells us there is no afterlife.



It's amazing how many members are incapable of entertaining such questions.

Yes most don't even try. They just go right to, there is no afterlife. That wasn't the question.

@Storm1752 Exactly.


Of course. Still not probable though.

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