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Many with religious viewpoints say that religion makes them better as people,so it must be true. That's a fallacy. Yes I have no doubt that people became better morally ,but does that make Mormon ism true or any other superstition true? I could believe that a poached egg has amazing powers and I must follow its edicts to love others and be honest,but I am still insane for believing in a poached egg.

Dogpound10 4 Mar 21

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Thanks for everyone's opinions. I actually believe religion causes far more problems than benefits. It certainly maintains old ideas that should be archaic. Gays and women should not have to fight for rights in the 21st Century but they do.


You can have good morals with out religious bs in you way. The religious are biggest hypocrites in the world. Scramble the egg and go journey of enlightenment.


Many insane people become calmer when they speak to the voices in their head.


That’s just a garden variety non sequitur.

Follow that logic and try not to conclude that every belief is true.


Those people want to think religion makes them better people. Maybe we should ask them if they didn't have religion would they be a bad person? This just feeds into my theory that this sort of idea simply means that, to the religious mind, people are basically bad and need a system of rewards and punishments to make them behave in a civilized manor. That's why, to them, all atheists are evil and corrupt. Imagine a place where all these temporarily 'good' people go when there is no longer a fear of punishment.


I just posed this on the main page but it goes here quite well too. I do not think it is true anyway, some of the most truly nasty people I ever met, and fortunately there were not many, espoused extreme altruistic doctrines like Christianity.

Such subcultures become easy feeding grounds for hypocrites and criminals because they rarely call people to account for themselves or their motives. There are at least two reasons for that, one being tribalism, nobody wants to look for ill doing, because that would mean questioning their basic beliefs and their faith that they are in the good group, and secondly because everyone fails to some degree to be unselfish, which in turn leads to guilt, and guilt leads to the acceptance of low moral values, which are easy to live up to, and little questioning of others lest you be questioned.


You have a double-edged sword there be careful where you grab it


I was also a religious man evwn a pain religious on the stage of do and die after that i have get some curious mentality so . I avoid belief and go for the logic and reason then i get a ans that is : religion are suspect


The best people Ive known in life are Christian.

gater Level 7 Mar 21, 2019

"Yes I have no doubt that people became better morally". There is no evidence, facts or data to support that assertion and I believe the opposite is actually closer to the truth.
Paraphrasing: "For good people to do bad things, it takes religion".

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