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Have you noticed that if Trump had a Italian WW2 helmet on and a uniform similar to what Benito Mussolli wore when giving his speeches they look extremely alike, same facial expression.

CharlesMorris 5 Mar 22

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I've been a student of History for a long time it when Trump was at a rally, on TV, that just before he spoke he stepped back from the podium and nodded his head plus that frown the thought went thru my mind.I remember thinking Mus-a-lee-ne. I'm happy others saw too.


Trump needs to learn how to cross him arms and stick his jaw out with a dominant look on his face.

BD66 Level 8 Mar 22, 2019

I just wish he would talk less and do what he was elected to do. I'm counting the days till the 2020 election, it can't get here soon enough I think Pence is Just as bad only he knows better it his religious views that causes me to gasp.

??? There's not a dominant cell in Trump's entire body. The man doesn't have a chin. His children don't have one chin between them all. There's some serious recessive genes swimming around in that gene pool. I'm pretty sure they all received the "I'm sorry, but you're not equipped with dominance." memo. ?

@SeaGreenEyez I agree I find all of them be creepy, After the Donald said if Ivanka wasn't his daughter he probably date her, odd family, that he should kept himself.

@CharlesMorris That comment, as distributing as it was/is, was mild compared to some of the other trash that exits his mouth on a regular basis. He's got "Chester The Molester" written all over his forehead. Major creeper. shudder


I had noticed and commented to my daughter about that, except that Mussolini looked good in it.

Ha ha nice one, It's good to know I'm not crazy, I said that on Facebook several people went nuts. when that happens I know I struck a nerve. thanks...


I hadn't noticed that ... but by the results on Google, everyone but me had duly noted the resemblance. Even the Simpson's:


I didn't realize homer said that too wow I'm sane, I'm sane

@CharlesMorris That Simpson find made me giggle. So many things were prophesied by the Simpson's. The Family Guy has made some great predictions, not nearly as many as the Simpson's, though. ?

@SeaGreenEyez even thought I've grown up I still can laugh a those silly cartoons, I have become a fan of Seth McFarland he's got a wicked sense of humor plus I love "The Orville", and wow he can sing.


Well they're both crazy as a shithouse rat

Yes they are


facial facism

good one

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