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This morning I was in a car accident. A teen driver plowed into me at a pretty good speed. Once I gained my senses (and it took me a good few moments to get out of the car) I did what comes naturally for me-- I hugged her! She apologized profusely and I hugged her more and told her all that mattered was that we were well. Only 17 years old, this young women will remember how a stranger exhibited kindness to her and forgave her immediately.

I'm still shaken and I'm going to be sore. But we are both okay.

ElusiveMoby 7 Mar 25

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How wonderful it is to forgive difficult it would be if the collision was caused by an illegal alien drunk driver only here inside USA to bust union jobs and party each night swilling MODELLO

It was easy to forgive this young person because she was so upset and apologetic. Can't say I'd have behaved differently if it we're anyone else.


She will never forget it. That is amazing what you did most would get out and start screaming and ranting. I would just be speechless.

I was speechless for the first two minutes before I came to my senses and comforted her. Poor girl! Her impact bag deployed.

@ElusiveMoby You did real well there. Kudos to you.


I loved the way you responded with compassion instead of anger. You set a very good example. When my young adult daughter back-ended somebody with her car at a busy turn light, she had never been in an accident before. I was so glad that the woman who's car she hit was also, like you, very kindhearted. It was barely a scratch afterall and both my daughter and her were fine...a tiny fender bender with not enough damage to even get our insurance companies involved. I think it made an impression on my daughter and she really is a safe driver...just one of those times where you think somebody is going to be going forward at the yellow light and they don't. Happy to hear that you weren't hurt and hopefully your vehicle isn't too damaged. You never even mentioned your car's condition!

I'm at the chiropractor now as the pain has begun. Her vehicle looked totaled. Just my bumper was damaged. No matter what, I didn't want the poor girl traumatized more.


Scary - good luck!

gater Level 7 Mar 25, 2019

I am glad to know you both are alive.

I totally love being alive?


Thank God you're okay, no pun intended.


Glad you are ok . Was the hit from behind or the side ?



Go get checked out to make sure you aren't injured. Adrenaline can hide injuries.

1of5 Level 8 Mar 25, 2019

Thank goodness you and she were not injured badly or killed.

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 25, 2019

Get a lawyer. It has nothing to do with you or with her. Just her and your insurance companies.


Not much damage I guess? Don't know CA driver-accident laws. Don't have to call police? Whose fault?

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