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there may come a day where I'm standing by a small fire in a prison camp for liberals singing a round of God Bless America at fascist gunpoint with a bunch of my fellow Americans. But that day ain't today.

hankster 9 Mar 26

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CLICK BATE:::::: Sorta. Always good to spew.

But:::: do we get points for the number of responses?????

If so, the rule shall become: do not post unless forced.


I had to quit watching The Handmaid'sTale. That shit was starting to feel very possible if a lot of really bad things happened.

very very scary stuff. the possibilities are what make it so scary I guess. I tried to read that book several years ago, had to put it down. the older version of that movie with Robert Duvall creeped me out.


We must do our damnedest to make sure that that day never comes.


The left-pole residents are far more dangerous to western free society.

Fascism 101: stop free speech; silence all those who speak about what we do not like.


Oddly enough @hankster , a lot of us Rethuglicans feel exactly the same fear you've described. That's how President Trump got elected. So, how can we all put this fear aside and work together?

I'd say start by putting the fear aside. the primary enemy of America is from within. nobody's big enough or powerful enough to take us down except ourselves.

Easier said than done. The posturing and rhetoric from all camps is incendiary.

@bigpawbullets absolutely is. we need a do-over.

How many of us who may bicker amongst ourselves have real power no matter what party @bigpawbullets?

Great point.

@bigpawbullets so carrying on with that, here we are operating from fear even it is from different perspectives and we end up getting caught in our own cross fire while the people with the deep pockets are unaffected.What does it take for people to lay down their arms figuratively? RIght now I think we are all playing into a situation that benefits those with the common denominator of dollars.

@btroje ding! ding! ding! well said.


That's why I keep an up to date passport,cash, & full tank of gas in my tiny RV, just grab some dog food and my prescriptions & be at the Canadian border in 6 hours with an "order to view" some property with a real estate agent there with whom I have cultivated a relationship.


@hankster former girl scout, I like to feel prepared.......

@SeaGreenEyez you need to apply to someplace, like Cape Breton island, with declning population. You can become a full citizen in One Year there if you do 2 things: buy a property (lovely ocean view places going for $69,000, on the market for 2 years or more) and start or invest in a business with $10,000. They have advertised, "Flee Trump here!"


Is this in response to the Mueller report?

it's actually like a mules report..... the gasses of asses, this liberal speaking up. no just a general sick and tired of being sick and tired.


I was thinking that Attu would be a great place for a prison camp. Please note however that there’s little or no firewood there.

it's okay, we'll be burning copies of the Constitution. you know all them meaningless papers.


Liberals, get yer guns 😉...

in these parts the liberals do have guns, just like everybody else I reckon.

Yep same here. 😀



I wonder how far off that day is?

not far enough. some days you can smell the stench.


Best start stock pilling weapons while you still can...


that is so cool . I live where this was filmed and was thinking of this scene

I wondered where that thought came from.


Remake the movie, call it "Red Pawns"

orange minions. is the orange ones from "deplorable me". these have squinty eyes and some kind of comb over.

@hankster okay I'll go with the remake of the movie let's call it, while I won't be a remake we'll call it Orange Pawns

@oldFloyd with small round heads.

@oldFloyd I prefer orange prawns, that way you know they're cooked


can what?


Anything is possible.


Your point being?

now is the time to speak up.

the nation is already well on track to be the greatest fascist nation the world has ever seen.

@Allamanda we need to gain back the representation in government that we forfeited by not being engaged with the elections of our so-called leadership. this has been going on a long long time. it's time to rip off the Band-Aid.

@Allamanda we need some mirrors.

@Allamanda a revolution, a police state, where the locals are now using leftovers from the war because the military had all they needed and the arms manufacturers needed to make profits. so sell the stuff to the local authorities and get some new shiny stuff.

@Allamanda I fear that if this is not settled in the halls of Congress soon it will be a slow miserable continuance of what we're seeing now with our government being bought up piece by piece by the greedy oligarchy.

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