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I’m starting to notice that this place is full of trolls...

EllieUnique 7 Mar 26

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True believers are insecure and need to attack anyone who dismisses them. They find sites like this and pose what they think are clever questions intended to befuddle us and convert us to true believers. Of course most of their posts are just stupid. But they can be annoying.


Is this something that happens to men more than women? I have never noticed any trolling or unpleasantness in any of the conversations I have posted in. And I have never needed to block anyone.


More and more FB shit-heads are moving into the neighborhood.


Less than on other sites...

My theory is that is a comparatively nice forum because there are a lot of women around, which have a civilizing effect on the males 🙂


Welcome to the internet. There is no safe haven here.


Some are - most aren't. Block the ones who really bother you.




Every TrumpOLINIbot is a theocratic troll here with veep Pence declaring war on women all to stay pregnant for his alleged bible gawd


There are some, but I haven't been bothered by them that much. Most of my experience here has been positive, by a long shot.


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