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I posted in January about a trip I had planned for August/September, mainly to Scotland and Ireland. Now it looks like I will cancel it and lose the airfare and Edinburgh airbnb reservation. I was going to leave on July 30th and return on September 10th. My granddaughter was going to come for a couple of weeks of it, but then decided she couldn't.
I had started to look at ordering some Edinburg Festival tickets, the entertainment is amazing, but was feeling overwhelmed by all of the planning ahead of me. Yesterday I took a job substitute teaching in a 4th grade class and it was horrible. I was dying of exhaustion by noon. I haven't worked the middle grades for a couple of years, do very young kids and substitute at one great high school. Anyway it hit me that I'm getting tired and I'm not excited about traveling alone anymore. The planning is overwhelming. After deciding yesterday not to go, today I'm thinking maybe just make it a real adventure and not plan anything ahead, except the Edinburgh airbnb that is already booked, but that's risky and getting stuck with no place to stay isn't an appealing idea.
No, I'm going to cut my loses and not go this time. I've been there long ago and in the last thirteen years I visited over fifty countries by myself. There will be a couple of more trips but not entirely alone. On some trips, especially in South America, I traveled with other people I met along the way, many from the Netherlands.
I'd thought about going to the northern part of the Netherlands for a couple of weeks after Ireland, maybe renting a bike and riding around a bit. Has anyone on here done that?

marlayne 5 Mar 27

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Have you heard of a group known as SERVAS? [] I am a long time member and it's kind of like couch surfing but better and older. You find a local interviewer (there is one in Yuma and quite a few throughout the state). e-mail me for more information. You get to stay for free and plan ahead of time so the reservation is set. It is world-wide and there are thousands of hosts/travelers. You have to join and there is a fee for travelers (to get a listing of the hosts). It's a great way to travel. BTW, I am a host. Also, there is a national conference in San Rafael in July.


Shame you're not coming over to Edinburgh, I could have dropped down and taken out for an afternoon. Prices in Edinburgh that time of year are stupid anyway


I can understand what you mean about all that planning. I too get overwhelmed with it so now I go on organized trips. No planning, no thinking of what to do or where to stay. Someone else will take care of it and all I have to do it pack my bags and enjoy the experience.


Too bad! I've traveled alone myself and I actually enjoy/prefer it.

It has always kinda depended on many things.But the bottom line is,I love the open road alone/not alone.There are those that I have travelled with more than once.


If you make it to Liverpool theres a bed for you


I’m sorry to hear that you’re going to abandon your trip to Scotland and Ireland. I know what you mean though, about travelling alone, it is daunting, and less fun as you get older. You’ve certainly done your share of travelling the world when you were a bit younger. The Netherlands is good for cycling as its pretty flat, although I haven’t actually done it myself.....I think you can hire boats on the canals and then cycle around from different mooring places...that might be an idea. If you change your mind about coming to Scotland and Ireland let me know.....we could perhaps meet up.

Yeah it does get boring but someday I hope to live in a big enough city to find traveling buddies


You are welcome to stop by here

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