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Who needs Obamacare when there is Jesuscare? 🙂

Surfpirate 9 Mar 27

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Hmm, yes madam, you're going to die and go to heaven. Yay!

That's how it would work. I hear lots of bollocks about doctors not knowing how someone survived various illnesses because of prayer.
Then they don't, and I hear their obituaries...
Sometimes as part of my work I have to escort people to church

What do you call a Believer going to Heaven? - - A good start. 😉

@Surfpirate What they want is a National Health Service, paid for by central taxation, free at the point of need, cradle to the grave.
Surely a faith based health plan would encourage people to die, thus helping to fill heaven with fresh souls for recycling.

@Sofabeast Do they recycle souls in heaven? Sounds awfully green for a Deity that is all about death and destruction but you never know. 🙂

@Surfpirate Recycling will depend on which of the many one true Gods that's doing it. After all, consider the effort to construct a human soul, only to kill it off after such a short time.

@Sofabeast Matter to Energy or Energy to Matter - no waste involved.

@Surfpirate recycling then

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