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Watching "The Expanse" on Prime. Didn't like it at first, but it's growing on me.

Philistrate 5 Mar 28

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I barely hung on in the first season...but it got better and better as it went. I just now finished the 3rd season, and is/was a truly magnificent show. I like that another poster mentioned firefly. Both had magnificent character depth and great humanity written into the parts. That's no easy task.


For me, The Expanse is the best SF TV series since Firefly.


I liked it up until about 1/2 way through seasons three, then poof, just a smoking crater where the ideas used to be.


If it goes the whole way, it'll be like a soap opera in length.


Watching it as well. I like the grittiness of it. I've gotten behind on the book series though.


Its expanding on you 😉

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