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It was just about this exact hour, one year ago, that I stumbled across Agnostic and signed up.
I apologise to all those members who had to endure my presence since then.
The bad news is that I shall continue to visit this site!

Petter 9 Mar 30

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I was on here last year. At first you constantly corrected my grammar and sentence structure...

@mzbehavin I don't know if he is now lol don't go doing that because of what I said. We all know how annoying and abrupt I can be..and he did apologise

Has your grammar improved though?

@CallMeDave only when I'm not lazy

@mzbehavin You missed out an "f" on <checks him off my "to have sex with list". >
Surely you're not satisfied with a single "f" are you. What about the next morning??? ??




Happy anniversary


LOL!! I am happy that you are part of this site. I joined a year ago in early December. I have no regrets.


Happy Anniversary! I hope it has been a great day.


I couldn't say it better than everyone else ... glad you're here and planning to stay put!


Hey man. I for one am glad you're here. You contribute to the variety a lot, I think. An off handed way to say strange? Who me? Never. Besides, different is a compliment, right?


Happy Anniversary!!!
First of all, you have nothing to apologize for!
Secondly, I enjoy your presence on the site.
Don't go anywhere.

Do you host a group for masochists, then?

@Petter Only in private. 😉


Yes, it has been torturous; it's hard to believe it's only been a year, 😀

Seriously though. Happy anniversary. I'm glad to hear you plan to stick around.

JimG Level 8 Mar 30, 2019

You're doing fine, Petter! ?

I'm meeting my "annoyance" targets, am I?


Happy Anniversary, Petter.

Thank you.


Y'all come on back now, ya heah.


Happy anniversary! Glad you're here!


Happy Anniversary!


its all good mate


Keep it coming brother, we can handle it!


I have found you to be a pleasure to deal with the times I have come across you.

May you continue to come across me, your ladyship.

@Petter I shall do my best.


Well @Petter, it looks like we both stumbled onto this site about the same time. We all endure each other with ups and downs. It has been a great ride for me too, no doubt. Happy anniversary.


Congrats for being here a year. It's quite a accomplishment. I felt that way last February.


You are a good one to follow. 🥳

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