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There are at least a million hate messages against me on Face Book including pages with thousands of followers dedicated simply for the purpose of preaching hate against me. Most of the messages want my death. This has to be a world record. There are thousands of videos on You Tube sending me threats in Bengali language. Fools do not know I will like a phoenix from fire even if I am killed as I live in my words.

mufassil 5 Mar 31

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All sounds a bit Messianic to me. Why are you so unpopular?


LOL I spend a lot of time in Facebook jail because people hate me too.... I love my death threats they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...


If I had a nickel every time someone threatend me on Facebook, called me broke/ugly/gay said i had a little dick or reminded me that my momma black I could retire early and move to the islands


I am sorry. I think some of the commentors here do not fully understand the real danger you are in.


Meh, its not facebooks job to 'protect' you. if you chose to be in the public eye, you incur all the possibilities that entails. You lost your right to privacy when you chose to be a public figure.


I can assure you, you're as insignificant as the rest of us. Maybe not in your mind.

(If you are fearful, maybe STOP self-promoting. You're actions do not support your assertions.)

A thumps up.

Stop and give in to losing freedom to leave a cult and give in to it ? Never

@mufassil This "cult" you type of is no more or less awful than how you choose to rail against it. In case you've not read the site rules here, proselytizing is against the rules. This includes being pro a certain religion or against a certain religion. (Since you've been removed from all sorts of online platforms due to radicalization, one would think you'd STOP what you're doing, apparently it isn't working.)


Some people cannot handle the truth


I have never received a death threat, so I can only imagine how upsetting it might be. Of course, I live a fairly quiet life, don't shout out my beliefs or lack thereof, but I find myself amazed that we (all of us) cannot live and let live without encountering such rabid intolerance....


You mention at least every day about the thousands of death threats you receive. We get it.

I also get death threats nearly every day but I don't post about them every single day

You don’t have a mission . I do . I am fighting a cult and will win against it

@mufassil who are you to tell me I don't have a mission and am not fighting every single day?

Seems to me you're the exact same as them. A perfect mirror extremist.


From this post and others youve made, It sounds like you really really like negative attention. For us, it's a nice break from endless memes about loving our inner selves. We can hate you instead, but still feel self superior about not wanting to hurt you, and still love our inner selves in secret. Win win.

Negative attention. Don't worry. If people like me are silenced then people like you will be silenced by our haters.


It is strange how so many peaceful people want to kill someone for abandoning their peaceful religion.


Congrats! Looks like you are a brave and intelligent guy!

zesty Level 7 Mar 31, 2019

In Belfast? Why Belfast?

Because big cities are not safe any more

@mufassil you think Belfast it s a tiny place and no volence? ..??! Umm, The Troubles?

@AnneWimsey Relatively safe for me.


Rule number one: do not complain about that which one voluntarily subjects oneself to. Dump fakebook. I did and for far less.

good advice!!

It’s not a simple complain main rather a complaint to bring the hidden hateful agenda to surface and it will be dealt with. This hidden hateful agenda was making us suffer without proof to tackle it unitedly thus far.


So much hate evolving in the World. Sad. Stay safe!


Keep yourself safe...! Good luck with the you have a court date?

Not yet


Ignore them,stand for what you believe in and if needed fight for long as you don't step other people and not hurting others...our life is complicated,pips around us make it complicated but only ourselves who can make a better decisions for today and for the days what you think is right for your self...nobody will do that for you...(i want to put ? in your post but still it doesnt work)

I have the right offend if I don’t agree with an opinion but that does not mean I hate that person

@mufassil yes,its simplified as you are arguing or you are discussing each others knowledge ...its like head to head battle(literally brain to brain)


It's very simple, close your Facebook account or change the beat of your drum......... (We really need a face palm emoji here)

I agree.

So you're advocating him silencing himself and allowing the religious nuts to control his speech? That's like telling a kid who gets beaten up at school to fall down at the first punch so the bullies will leave him alone. Da fuck is wrong with you?

@OpposingOpposum No, all I am saying is that he is selling his efforts with the wrong speech/approach. No need for faul language anyway.


Don't get your hopes up too much.
Law is not justice.
Way to go though. Isn't religious tolerance wonderful?

Tolerance to evil ideologies is not smartness

@mufassil we must tolerate ideology but definitely do not tolerate actions done in the name of ideology.
Doctrine is riddled with ritual or rites.
The #1 rite that is tolerated but should not be is the religious rite of indoctrinating children.
Put children's rights, human rights before religious rites.
Argue for children's right for freedom of belief, and your haters will look stupid arguing the rite of forcing children to believe is greater than a child's right to believe what they will.

@powder I will criticise ideologies which I disagree and I don’t care if anyone gets offended by it

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