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Someone's always there...

BeeHappy 9 Apr 2

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That makes me want to go hug my laundry, I'm starting to have feelings for it.

Awww... ?


This is one of those clean jokes? Or, is it dirty?

I suppose it depends on how full your laundry basket is. ?


Lol. It just doesn't go away!

Unity Level 7 Apr 2, 2019

It's comforting knowing it will always be there. ?


LOL!! I consider laundry to be a perpetual motion machine.

My sister loves doing laundry... maybe compulsive is a better word. She does 2-4 loads of laundry every day. Nothing is used more than once. I have to admit she does have accidents and may have to change once a day but even before that she was still doing that much laundry. I do 2-3 loads once a week. We are at two different ends of the spectrum. Lol

@BeeHappy I do laundry usually at least once a week. Since I am now back to work full time M-F I do laundry every weekend. When I was off work I'd do laundry when I thought the basket was full enough, but still at least one load a week. I was towels/sheets only as needed.


Or Ironing.

Haven't ironed anything in more than 10 years.

Ironing? What's that? ?

@snytiger6 I did a big pile today. It has been building up for weeks and weeks.

@Jolanta But... if there is no longer a pile of clean laundry... where will the cats sleep?

@snytiger6 What, you don't have a comfy basket for the pussycats?

@Jolanta You can buy the most "comfy" bed or basket ofr a cat to sleep in, and they w8il still sleep virtually anywhere else. However, the most consistent place they sleep is in or on clean laundry.

@snytiger6 Maybe every time you do the laundry you have to wash their blanket too.


and dust mites



Lmao...don't forget bills.

Oh yeah... bills... thanks! ?


Nah. Wear them til they rot and buy new! ?


@BeeHappy I didn't think it that funny a comment. Thank you!

A pseudo Jack Reacher approach.

Jack Reacher is a character in a book series by Lee Child... for those who don't know.

@FrayedBear I wasn't able to use the like emojis so maybe I went a little overboard. ?

@FrayedBear, @snytiger6 Yep! I know of Jack Reacher.

@snytiger6 did he not know a laundry?

@FrayedBear He just buys new clothes instead of doing laundry.


And dogs ?

Yep! Lol... dogs!

Hmm... OK, I gues ican't honestly say that cats are alway sthere for you... but they are there often enough.


I love cats too thou ???

@Pralina1 That is hilarious. Thanks.

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