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Last survivor of US slave ships discovered -

The last known survivor of the transatlantic slave ships, brought to the US in 1860, has been identified by an academic at Newcastle University.

Sally Smith was kidnapped from West Africa by slave traders and lived until 1937 in Alabama, staying for more than 70 years on the plantation where she had been enslaved.


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I appreciate the effort people are making to stop using the term "slaves" and start using instead "enslaved people." It seems like a minor distinction, but I think it's actually an important one.


Interesting article ..
slavery abolished in 1865(?) - but still around in so many ways


So shocking to think this was only just over 100 years ago ?


Very interesting. I studied the transatlantic slave trade two years ago. The whole situation of who, how and when is astonishing. The social ramifications hit not only the USA but all of modern humanity. And in the UK at the moment its tendrils are still moving as hidden racism breaks free in the light of Brexit. Horribly I witnessed some 'innocent/ignorant' comments on a bus about a black man in Aberdeen this week. I don't think it was meant to hurt or offend, but the racism was there non the less.


"Kidnapped" is right because I'm sure the slave trade (bringing slaves IN) had been abolished in the US decades before 1860. What a shocker.


Very Sad story, don't like Slavery times at all , Slavery to anyone isnt right and in humane


Slavery and the thought of owning human beings makes me want to hurl.

Boston was a major slave trade city till the 1700.Thomas Fanuiel was the most successful of the traders. In fact the city built a large structure and named it after him. Fanuiel Hall is a major tourist attraction. much for Boston's liberal branding.

@Charlene Boston born and a frequent visitor of Faneuil Hall and I never knew that.

@sassygirl3869 yes.
They never talked about in history classes..never mind civics..Where from in Boston? I was born in Southie..

@Charlene I was born at Beth Israel -my mom was a lab technician there-grew up in Sharon and later lived in Dorchester. My girlfriend lived in Southie for a while.

@sassygirl3869 I was St.Marks Parrish in Dot, mom & dad both grew up there. We lived on Adams St...

@Charlene When I left home I live off Adams St -Wrentham Street near ashmont.

@Charlene Yipes, really should have found someone better to rename it for by now.

@sassygirl3869 My grandma lived on Ashmont st. How awesome..

@Garbonza The city's going to put up a Plaque.smh

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