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Is stupidity genetic?

St-Sinner 8 Apr 10

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They just remind me constantly of Beavis and Butthead somehow.


Intelligence is carried on the female gene.

Is not.

@Bobby9 ok

@Biosteelman is not

@Bobby9 That's a weird place to be man. You're saying intelligence isn't carried by the female gene...

@Biosteelman I'm saying intelligence per se is not a genetic item. How the brain is formed is, and that comes from both male and female genes.

@Bobby9 I think you're wrong. Adoption studies show genetics plays the single largest predictor of intelligence.

Let's be clear when I say female gene I mean X Chromosome.

@Biosteelman I know I'm right. As mentioned in my last post "intelligence" per se is not a genetic trait. It is brain formation that causes intelligence that is inherited, and from parents.

@Bobby9 lol cute, that's like saying he didn't inherit his strength from his parents just his bone structure, hormone balance, and muscle density. But which chromosome carry the majority of genetic trait? You're saying both X and Y?

@Biosteelman Not cute factual. There is no such thing as "majority" genetic trait, however there are dominant genes. Did you ever take any biology courses past the elementry level?

@Bobby9 I suggest you look up the research on gene markers. There are clear markers that are only carried on the X or the Y chromosome for various traits. Some are carried by both some are determined by only one. At least according to studies.

@Biosteelman I know what gene markers are, such as clolor blindness can only be carried on the male gene. You need to think about what you said. Intelligence is caused by brain formation. As such BOTH X and Y chromosomes contribute.

Where did you get the idea to begin with?

@Bobby9 oh about 15 different studies that specifically said x chromosomes were responsible. I think the first one I read was from 1998 and the most recent was 2014.

@Biosteelman And more books than I can recount said otherwise.

@Bobby9 Books are on general information and not specific. Like in most the studies they are looking at specific Gene's. The broad study was which was the twin adoption study showed the mothers intelligence was the single largest predictor. However the study is flawed in that it didn't measure the fathers intelligence. Because one might assume a correlation of self selection that an intelligent woman would pick an intelligent father. That would lower her respective R value. However I think from that Self selection is a lower proportion in that I've seen too many sources saying "why men don't choose smart women" ,"why smart woman choose bad relationships " etc.. I would be inclined to think its effect would marginal as such instead of men being 20% of the R value they might be 24%.
The fact other studies have narrowed down specific genes would further support that inference.


Yes. It is a physical attribute in us which is passed on through genes. From very casual observation, girls seem to get the fathers Noyce and boys the mothers IMO. Anyone know if any scientific studies have been done in this area?
Environment and diet has a lot to do with brain development, including intelligence. This is known.

Intelligence is apparently attached to the X chromosome which we get from our mothers. I believe scientific studies have proved this. What is Noyce ?


Exposure plays a big part too! Try being exposed to insanity in your childhood and see how you turn out?

@F-IM-Forty emotional abuse leaves it’s scars, no matter what financial status, that one comes from! I know one multi-millionaire that grew up that way and took her own life in her 60s. I knew the daughter of Wrigley’s (chewing gum), right hand man, and even her ‘class,’ did not solve her demons! I once travelled in the circle of many of the Atlanta elites, they were not scar free, by any means. But, they could lean on their status, for their public personas.


I stood up on a sled on Suicide Hill.

I made it about 80% of the way down.

Parent comment.

What did you do this time?


Wow... Those of you here that can actually talk about how somebody looks like that just show how pathetically ugly you are on the inside. Very sad..


They may be stupid, but they make up for it by being unattractive too.


If the Trump family were made up of really lovely, kind people, it would feel impossible for me to make fun of their looks. That wouldn't even come into play.

It just goes to show how personality can make people ugly.


Yes. And there isn't ONE chin between them all in the Trump DNA-pool. It's weird. Not a chin between them. That's some serious recessive genes. It's just weird ... (her chin implants don't count)


Runs through the entire party

Yes, but what the party lacks is a spine!


It is if you are a Trump. Stupidity runs in the family from the top on down.

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