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I Trusted God To Help Me Pay Back My Student Loans. Spoiler Alert: He Didn’t. []

By Buxx7
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Him damn it!

Dyl1983 Level 6 May 18, 2019

unwarranted optimism can be an expensive deadly trap.
the sad truth is that ordinary ppl with their ordinary degrees are pretty well screwed.
only those with degrees in maths, sciences which is basically computers have a real chance of making above avg incomes.

My undergrad was in business (specifically accounting and finance). I seem to be doing just fine from an earnings perspective.

@Piratefish ,
i have an associates in bus admin. i seem to remember a fair amount of math e.g. the math of finance.
should have said--degrees which require math.


Should have bought the lottery ticket instead. Might have had better odds...


Student loan is a bitch.
By the time you done payn you’re almost retiring

Mine were paid off in time to finance my kids' student loans. ?

@Lillyfield41 I’m even luckier. I didn’t have any but do work at corporate finance sector.
Some lawyers seen struggle. Need to hunt cases and public attorney positions aren’t paying enough to make minimal payments .


Did you go to church and put in a prayer request? Talk to the pastor of a church- tell them you need god to provide payment on your loans so you can tithe the church. Maybe the congestion would take up a special offering. Worst that could happen is the say no, just like god.

Jk1960 Level 6 Apr 12, 2019

I always roll my eyes when I hear someone spew out any sort of " God will provide" talk. I then butt in and say something like "I'll be waiting the same way on my lottery number coming in". Usually shuts them up.


It's unfortunate, but the simple truth is that many believers feel that they have a "safety-net" because god will see them through any/all situations.
Which is a great comfort as long as everything actually works out.. and why so many cling to it.

Veldoran Level 6 Apr 12, 2019

Yeah, I used to think that too. When God didn’t help me, it was God testing me. There is always an excuse for the religious mindset.

God is rescuing or testing..... Never. Indifferent cough i mean ficticious.


At first, I laughed when I read the title because I thought it was written in jest. But, when I read the article I lost all humor because it had serious implications that may be devastating to many people. So, my humor turned to sadness.


How could that happen?

IowaWoman Level 4 Apr 12, 2019
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