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Last day as a teenager. On April 13, I will be 20 🙂 Nervous and excited for what my 20s will hold.
Any advice for my 20s?

chlorine413 6 Apr 12

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Sorry to burst you bubble, but a couple of weeks after most people’s 20th birthday, it will be back to business as usual.

Even though the radio may sound good at 13 or 14, some people turn the volume up to 15 because it’s perfectly halfway between 10 and 20. In the end, one manufacture’s 15 may be another’s 13. The numbers are really arbitrary. Somebody makes them up and attaches importance to them.

So, you’re 19. I guarantee you that in 20 years’ time, you will still feel young. You will also have gone through a lot and feel a bit jaded on life. We never stop being who we are. Unless you have some phenomenal rite of passage for your 20th birthday, soon enough you will be at your 23rd, and you’ll be, like, “Okay. Well, here we are. Gotta go to work on Monday.” I wish the world were a magical place full of eternal surprises, but it generally isn’t.

It’s not one’s age which is of particular importance, anyway. It’s what one does with their time. There are people out there who are entrepreneurs at the age of 16 to whom turning 20 will mean very little. They’ve already got it made in the shade.

If becoming 20 is a major stepping stone to you, make the most of it. Be happy. Be excited! I’m not trying to bring you down. Being 20 will mean to you as much as you’re willing to invest in being 20. Make it a memorable year by achieving something great! I wish you well, and I hope it’s a blast! 😊🙏🏼


Be patient with yourself. You don't have to have it altogether, and don't rush into decisions to feel you have it altogether. Try new things, take classes that interest you and not just ones you have to take in school if you can. Always make time for you, your interests, and your goals. Don't sacrifice your dreams and goals for anyone. Happy Birthday!


Pay attention. To everything. Keep your head up.


once you are able to, put money into the stock market (ETFs). when the markets crash, as they inevitably will, buy more.
i used to advise my clients to do the same. i'm sure some are very well off now.
i was a speculator/gambler. my net worth would be at least double if i'd followed that simple advice.


Moderation. Take care of your health. The best place to put your money is healthy food. Live like you are 45 now and you can live like you are 20 in your 50's.


Stand up for what is right even in the eyes of oppression. Oh, and smoke a lot of weed.

My birthday is a week before 4/20 so I know what my birthday money is going to ?

@chlorine413 Might I recommend Skywalker OG?


Save money, invest money. Save even more. Invest even more. Don't allow yourself to be inseminated. Vote. Do not live every day as if it were your last as some advise. Live as if you are going to live to a ripe old age as you probably will.


Don't be afraid. Try things. Do things. Explore--both inwardly and outwardly.


Live everyday like it matters!
And try to keep that open mind and spirit!
The world has a thousand ways to take that from you!
Resist that with all your might and you'll be Great!



Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. Take lots of pictures so you can piece it all together in your 30s.


Of course I never stopped taking Kyoko's advice but...


You most likely won't be as successful as you envisioned yourself being upon graduation. The labour market is tricky. NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK! Also, use a free credit reporting system (ie creditkarma) to check your credit and work to improving it or disputing any fraudulent charges/inquiries.


Get a good education. In your free time have all the sex you can!

zesty Level 7 Apr 12, 2019

all the consensual, safe sex you can.* 😉

@demifeministgal Obviously not unprotected rape! Lol

The best advice I’ve heard yet ?


Do something useful with your twenties. Because before you know it, you're thirty. And after thirty, those birthdays just go whizzin by!

Have any suggestions on something you consider useful?

@chlorine413 Get your Bachelor's, Masters, and PhD! Best/highest paying fields? Petroleum Geology, Mine Engineering, Nuclear Physics, Astro Physics,and Astronomy!

@davknight I’m working on my bachelors in chemistry actually

@chlorine413 oh yeah! That is one of my degrees too!

@chlorine413, @davknight
Beat fields currently are computers and health field more specifically Physician Assistant.


Question everything

Always 🙂




Dont be in a hurry to hang out with drunk people, its not really that fun and alcohol gets old pretty fast. Try to find a career before your 30, if you already have a job stick with it until you fins something else first. As much as it might suck don't leave before finding another place to work.


Save, save, save... Save your ?


You still have lots of time to fuck up doing stupid stuff

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