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I've evolved past the need for frivolous human sleep. I'm officially so over tired that I actually have reset to proper functioning. Interesting.

LadyAlyxandrea 8 Apr 18

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I did that when I was in my late teens/20’s - college, a job and a baby, I think I didn’t sleep for about 4 years. Can’t do that anymore!

Yeah when I was 16-22 I did the whole full time part time and school thing and could go up to 48 hours without sleep pretty easily and bounce back relatively easy but it seems like the further my disease progresses the worse it is and likewise the less sleep I get the quicker my disease progresses.

After this month I'm definitely not doing these kinds of rotations again. I'm also debating bumping up my drop to part time because I am laying in bed right now after 4 hours at my super easy part time job of babysitting and I'm seriously about to cry I'm so overworked, and all I even do at that job is take the kid to his taekwando class and sometimes the grocery store.

@LadyAlyxandrea it’s ok to take care of yourself!


You get that feeling that everything is o.k. and then if you are lucky you fall asleep in a comfortable place, like not a car!

I took a nap


You'll be needing some sleep hygiene.

What is sleep hygiene

@LadyAlyxandrea Ah, where to start. It is at least in the UKs medical system recognised as a requirment for good physical and cogitive health.
In basic terms, it's getting a good pattern of sleep and your 8-10 hours sleep per 25 hours (yes 25). The quality of sleep is also important, you may need something to even out serotonine to reduce night terrors.


Lack of sleep is a big no-no... Burnt myself out bad in my late 20’s. Thankful I had a good doctor who set me on the path to maintaining balance in my life. She probably saved my life.

Yeah I'm pretty sure if they ever schedule me like this again I'll just quit my job. I will finish this month but I'm not 19 anymore I do not bounce back like I used to


Personally, I don't need much sleep and it takes either heavy sleeping tablets that leave me hazy in the morning or copious amounts of alcohol which leads to hangovers in order to assert a 'normal' 24-hour sleep cycle. Instead, I end up in cycles ranging from 24-30/8 (natural) to 36/12 (forced) depending on life commitments (work / family) and that has been the last 25 years of my life.

Some people are simply built that way. I can see the exact same thing occuring with my 11-year old son who has always been troublesome with sleeping, even as a baby and just like I was.

I'm happy to discuss this with you and compare notes, if you would like that?

It is not that I run on less sleep. I actually need more sleep than the average person because I'm dying and chronically ill, but this month my work schedule has been absolutely bananas and my body has no idea if it's coming or going anymore so I think it's just choosing to be in a perpetual state of awake.

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