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Make America what again?

Allamanda 8 Apr 18

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This made me remember where I grew up (rural NW Louisiana). We lived on my grandfather's land - 144 acres. Half was pasture for his cows, and half was old growth woods. This was not the loblolly pine plantation of planted trees - but a natural mix of oaks of various kinds, hickory, beech, sweet gum, pine, and I'm many other trees that my only-partially- caffeinated brain can think of. I spent many many hours in those woods - either hunting or just walking around. When my grandfather gave the land to my mother, she immediately had the timber clear cut for $$ and pines planted. What I grew up with - this wonderful forest - only exists in my memories now.

Ohub Level 7 Apr 19, 2019

Seems money is the root of so much destruction, especially of fond memories!


Reminds me of a post on FB a Black Metal band posted. "We're building a wall between Norway and Finland, and the Finns are paying for it! We're making metal great again!".


As I said on another thread, the real slogan of MAGA is Make America White Again, but they're just too damn polite to come right out and say it.........But after more than three years, I think most people have figured it out or got the memo by now.....


The way it was before the European onslaught!


And completely DEVOID of Armament Manufacturers and Warmongers.


I like the thought but way too wordy for a trucker hat slogan


Or an ice sheet 2km thick

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