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I was flipping through channels and briefly paused on the ID channel (true crime.) I stayed long enough to hear a woman say "This is small town Mississippi where we have good polite Southern manners." The next scene was in a church, with the minister saying "Welcome sinners." I laughed. Having been raised in the South, I recognized a "good Baptist service." Why do some organized religions feel the need to put the fear of God in their parishioners? I personally have experienced more kindness in humanists than in many "Christians."

Elaine57 6 Apr 19

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Fear is a good motivater, a better one, that is self motivating when instilled, is guilt.....I believe the most damaging of the two is guilt....once a person has accepted the premise that they are corrupt and "bad" from birth.....that only animals are "innocent".........if you accept are lost.


Fear IS one the best tools used to control the populace and religions have capitalised on it since man first invented religion.


They need to scare people to hold the power.

Yeah, and our Lib-Nat Government utilize it to absolute PREFECTION don't they?

@Triphid please define "Lib-Nat"

@HankSherman He is referring to Liberal and National political parties in Australia. Which are like your Republicans in the US. Very right wing.

@Jolanta thank you very very. Went to google, nothing... appreciate the info.


Hi. I agree. Church seemed full of predators or people who threatened you if you didn't do what they said.i noticed problems with religion as a very little girl. Glad that's over.


Probably because we spend more time in the now.


White southern cordiality extends only to fellow white believers and defenders of the conservative and racist southern order. I know, as I grew up in the rural south, and saw the same all throughout the region.

I believe you and it's all as phony as "Iowa Nice" in my state. It's mean-spirited and judgemental hidden behind fake politeness and a smile, all of which disappears as soon they discover you are different than them. I have rejected it my whole adult life as an Iowan. It is also a companion of the Midwest-wide norm of enforced politeness, in which you are a terrible person should you ever be really honest, confrontational, or assertive in a social setting.


Guilt and fear are how they scam the flock and keep them coming back!


Fear is the foundation of christandom...


Because humans for the most part do not tolerate ambiguity well. We become stressed and anxious and then have to find a way to structure things. Our imaginations allow us to fabricate mystical and mythological structures to deal with the anxiety stemming from ambiguity because we do not know or understand enough science about the world around us. Personally my motto is Give me Ambiguity or Give me Something else.


Christianity is a fear-based religion. Fear of Hell post-mortem, fear of living due to sin, that'll land you in Hell. Why do all Christian sects use these tactics? Because God of the Bible tells them to and more importantly: fear is damn good for business.

I feel like most established religions use some elements of fear as the basis. I think about it like this. It's uncomfortable not knowing the answers to all the big questions. It's scary to think of us as just animals on a giant rock in the emptiness of space. Most religions provide comfort for those by inserting the supernatural and "god."

@Olnoseven Sounds like the Republicans.

@ToolGuy Unfortunately, it's not exclusive to any political party from what I've seen.

@Olnoseven Yeah you are correct.

@Olnoseven I agree that it is not exclusive to any political party; however, religion has really sabotaged and overtaken the Republican Party.

@Elaine57 Given the fact that whenever a white Democratic politician wants to appeal to the "black voters" they always go to a church, among other things, I will politely disagree. There's the perception that the GOP weaponizes religion for political gains, and they do, but the malleability of religion makes it so that everyone takes advantage of it for political gains. This is evinced by the fact that both sides will shut completely up when it comes to religious criticism. This is why everyone has to ring in favorably on Israel. Possibly the only hard division is that Dems, for detrimental long-term reasons, provide shelter for seemingly moderate versions of Islam. I don't think the GOP is sabotaging religion at all. They're using it the way everyone does.


Because they are intimidating idiots who want to put you on the defensive


Anyone who greeted me with "good morning sinners" had better be joking.

Or thanking you for a wild, hedonistic night...ha

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