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Sometime late yesterday a question was posed to me regarding a group I'm the owner of. I answered the question in a straightforward and honest manner. this morning, I get a notification that the person who posted the question had replied to my answer and then deleted the post. must not have been the answer they wanted to hear. I never saw the reply. there seemed to be a lot of interest in my response prior to my answer.

edit to the original post: since they posted this question yesterday, I wouldn't be out of line I don't believe to disclose who this person is. I was hoping they would step forward on their own. this member seems to be well-liked in the community and it is not my desire to make a big stink, but if you're going to reply and then delete your post you got a problem. this was not a private message. I'm going to think about it.

hankster 9 May 2

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As a High Functioning Asperger's Syndrome person, I recognize that I am somewhat impulsive. I frequently delete posts I have made when I have time to think better of what I have posted. I consider that being impulsive, it is better to delete my post rather than offend someone. Therefore, you should consider that deleted posts may have been a reassessment of a person's position and just accept it as that. Or, your answer changed their view and that rendered their post inmaterial.

excellent...and true


People write and delete comments all the time for perfectly good reasons.

of course. this was a post that had been commented on by a few folks, sharing thier interest in the question posed. it was not deleted until i responded. cheesy to me.

@hankster Oh, I did not realize there were responses already. If it were me I would not delete it, but to each their own.


>there seemed to be a lot of interest in my response prior to my answer.

It is the custom of the cyberspace people to flatter the administrator and fear their wrath.

On the far extreme us fearless farts live comfortably knowing we'll never get the old heave ho from the last discussion group in the universe. Stink up the joint and nothing is going to happen in our lives. It's not like the car will be repo'ed, the cat won't come home and we'll all be cut out of the will.

Anyone us fearless farts like will have already sent us another way of staying in touch with them. Might be an e-mail address, phone number, invitations to their party -- but we're not dependent on the approval of a nameless administration who doesn't live anywhere near us to us make new friends.

Because us fearless farts are as rare as hen's teeth, it's likely post it and run realized they said something nasty to you, deleted it and consoling posts from guilty bystanders came rolling in.

It is the custom of the people. No accounting for us fearless farts.

this has nothing to do with Administration whatsoever. I never have been one to flinch much. it's a question of fairness and just plain curiosity.

@hankster My theory beats the crap out of your theory.


I've typed out comments and then deleted them, when I realized I misread something and found my answer looked foolish. So that might be it.


Not a clue...


I sometimes delete my posts after reading some other views and realizing that perhaps I was tired, misinformed, angry, etc. I wouldn't be too are more often thoughtful in your responses and opinions...they can scroll past or reply...just do what you do...

thank you. there was an element of Deceit in a previous encounter which left a bad taste in my mouth.


Afterthought has its consequences...not yours to worry about.


Maybe they thought better of it...why would you want to Force someone to reply to something?

I think they thought better of it when they saw my answer.

@hankster mas macho, are we?

@AnneWimsey nothing Macho about anything. nothing threatening. I've never made an issue of it, but they were asking, and apparently didn't like the answer they got.

@hankster Or perhaps they felt your answer was so wise , it made them feel foolish . so rather than being publicly humilited by what they'd written , they chose to erase it .



Cowards exist in all walks of life. I’ve long had the policy and all of my close friends know that unless you really want to hear an honest answer, don’t ask the question. I never consider others little feelers when forming any response because I believe that honesty is black and white. There is no gray area in true honesty. Honesty can be brutal but then, such is life. I doubt that you’ll be hearing from this person again and your life is probably a little better because of that.

I have no idea what was originally asked but find myself wishing that I did.

>I have no idea what was originally asked but find myself wishing that I did.

Yea, I keep waiting for the polite to change their minds and re-post "Yo! Fuck face. Youse stupid or what?"


"Straightforward & honest" = ripped them a new *ssh+l^. 😉

no malice, just facts as i know them.


When stuff like that happens to me, it usually means the other person has
blocked me.

once upon a time, yes. perhaps that is still coming.

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