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Opinions, please

Donotbelieve 9 May 3

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Doesn't he mean: Someone that has stuck preconceptions is impossible to convince that there is a different view?

Gert Level 7 May 15, 2019

i wonder about the flora & fauna in that beard. probably enough to start civilizations in distant galaxies.


Confirmation bias is a helluva drug.

@Donotbelieve I should've added that I'm not immune.

Yes, and also, cognitive dissonance.


Mostly true. There are always exceptions.


My mind is made up. Do not confuse me.


Yes indeed...


So if someone wants to learn they will, but if they are determined to be willfully ignorant there is no point talking with them


Nothing is more frustrating to me than someone who has to be is more important to be correct factually...there is a difference...and to be correct, you need an open mind to the possibility that you could be wrong...just get to the correct answer if possible..that is the goal...information changes and is added to each day...I want to be around people who are curious and want to absorb as much as they can...

I think you can also interpret this as saying that perhaps the slow witted can be more easily convinced/brainwashed with any idea while the intelligent one stands firm in what he knows to be true...which might explain a lot of things currently happening now... 😉


Dude has an awesome beard.

I'd tend to agree. A willingness to learn =/= intelligence.

1of5 Level 8 May 3, 2019

I’ve found this to be fairly accurate many times, even when looking at myself. Not claiming to be super intelligent, but I think the smarter one is, the better one can rationalize things ... It can get even worse if one has letters after one’s name, as in academic degrees, because that can add a good dose of self-righteousness.


Anytime you have to provide information/facts more than once it is a futile discussion. It will become circular the second time as the other party defends their stance.

I just say "Google it!". I have no patience for redundant redumbdancies!

@Donotbelieve Ignorance is bliss nowadays!

@Donotbelieve Trumplerite motto:"Ignorance is bliss. No sense makes sense. Trump is Truth!"

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