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May be this question has been asked and discussed here before. My apology.

As a non-believer, do you feel comfortable saying "Oh My God" during sex?

St-Sinner 8 May 3

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Well......back when I had problem at all.......what ever came into my bloodless brain had no resemblance to rational thought......


A quote from a shirt I wear regularly is this: "I say Oh My God when something is unbelievable"


When the sex is really good I can't remember WHAT the hell I said.


I only say, "Oh God" or "Jesus Christ" when something is UNBELIEVABLE.


I do not mind a woman referring to me as a god during an exceptional orgasm. 😎


If you can think about what you are saying, never mind change it, you are having crummy sex!

Still counts!

@maturin1919 crummy sex is not worth the effort, sorry....

@AnneWimsey Anne, you need to lighten the hell up.

@maturin1919 I suspect any sex is okay for men, but I require a bit more, as I suspect the majority of women do. If this frightens you, too bad so sad.

@AnneWimsey See my previous comment.


OMG, I use god and jesus in a number of my everyday conversational expletives. I don't think anyone is likely to confuse that with a religious statement.

oh, few, that's good.



If I'm lucky enough to have sex ever again I don't really care what I say. But hopefully it won't be calling her the wrong name 🙂

lerlo Level 8 May 3, 2019

Fair enough


I have no problem with it - it's simply a figure of speech.


Better than holy shit

And definitely don't say someone else's name lol


Yep, no problems with using it.
In a weird way, it's probably even more appropriate, as religious people would think that using it in those contexts would be taking the lord's name in vain. So, they should not be comfortable saying it.


It's no different than swearing. No biggie.


Dated a Muslim for awhile who said “ oh my god “ a lot, so after he did that yet again, I said “Oh my allah!” Upset him no end, lol. God is fairly generic so a leaf could be your god if you so choose. At least you can see it!


other than "please stop". I'm good with what ever is being said.;P


LOL! Funny. Just an expression. No harm.


Reminds me of a meme I saw that said it's normal to say yes, and oh yeah, but how weird would it be if someone kept screaming out yep?

That's an interesting point.

I'll take it


I prefer holy fucking shit ..but oh God does get used as well depending on how good it is


For me phrases like 'Jesus Christ!' and 'Oh my god!' are simply expletives. Words spoken almost as a non-word expression of anger, frustration, amazement, etc.

When you express a statement which includes god, you're not declaring that you comply with other people's definition of the meaning of those words - you are imposing YOUR OWN meaning on them.

For someone for whom god is a fiction, saying the word 'god' is using the word as fiction.

Very profound and well put ToakReon's.


I'm southern, god speak litters the common vernacular. I no more expect flames flying out my ass when I say, "shit fire & save the matches " than I do divine intervention when I say "oh gawd" .


Why would I... it can refer to Zeus, Thor, or Bullwinkle ???

When the butt bouncing turns into a blur and your toes are curling, cry out "Hokey smokes, Bullwinkle!"

I'd give details about toe curling sex if wasn't for all the poor souls that would feel crushed for having missed it.


Well since you don't believe, you could say

Oh, my Norman!
Oh, my Sam!
Oh, my Brittany! (for gender equity)
Oh, my Pat! (for gender neutrality)
Oh, my Alfie! (nickname variety)
Oh, my Cheeseburger! (if your hungry)

Just some ideas. Now I'm hungry.


I heard once - Oh fuck sweet mother of God


I say a lot worse than that during sex.

I am too timid to ask for examples.


Nope. Doesn’t bother me to say it. It’s an exclamation and cathartic, as are must “curse” words. “Goddammit” is my go to when frustrated. In retrospect, I think I say “fuck” more that “god” in bed though. LOL


It's just cultural acclimation, like stubbing your toe and yelling "Jesus H Christ!"

Sometimes (not during sex, though) I use the phrase, "Oh, your God"....


Doesn't bother mew at all.

In fact I consider it an accomplishment when I can get my atheist partner to actually scream "Jesus CHRIST!", because while "oh god" or "ohFuckOhFuckOhFuck" are fairly common, that's special. 😈

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