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Am amazed at fox news giving trump a clean bill of heaith after the mueller report. It clearly isn't there.

michaelj 7 May 5

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What would you expect from fox news? Its the voice piece of the GOP.

Trod Level 5 May 7, 2019

Pretty clear that Trump has worked hard to obstruct justice!


You were looking for factual information from Fox? What were you thinking?

Yea I know


I bought Vol.1 of the report last week. Will read my cross-Pacific flight next week. I read the Intro and this is a statement I think most important:
"A statement that the investigation did not establish particular facts does not mean there was no evidence of these facts"
Basis of my assessment...this is an "unsolved crime".


Morons lie like a rug

I have more faith in my rug.


They also agreed he weighed 239 pounds...ha ha ha...

Clearly a pound or two off

@michaelj yeah, plus or minus 60 pounds

@thinktwice good luck with the vision situation.

@michaelj good eyes will be much better...

2 is good, 3 is...alien

@michaelj and one is driving me crazy! ha ha


I have ceased to be surprised by the ability of this “administration” and its state-sanctioned propaganda network to ignore the facts and manufacture their own “reality.”

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