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This morning I read on the net that Trump was going to try to extend his term by two years; if he manages to do that, of course, his regime will be around a lot longer than that. There should be no doubt, that it will get much more oppressive.

He knows that he is bound for jail, when he no longer has control of his criminal activities.

Diogenes 8 May 6

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I hate to say this. but I said from the beginning that he would declare emergency power or military rule and he would not leave office willingly..
we just have to see exactly how he will attempt his coup


That is what fascists do. I warned he would go for the 1st amendment (he said so while campaigning and since then - making it easier to sue reduces everyone's rights), and the 22nd - time in office. If he knocks those out and could consolidate power - the 2nd amendment would go (again, fucking his base of unthinking hairless apes).


Atheists, Humanists and Agnostics should all be on alert.

We will be among the first to be rounded up and taken away.

I don't trust that this government as it is is going to give up its power in 2020.

Once that happens there will be no such thing as conservatives and liberals. Only the ruling party and who is with them. All against will be imprisoned or worse...


Trump is not looking forward to all the prosecution coming his way and the rest of us need to speed that up any way that we can. Over 16 women have claims against him and everyone knows he is a crook. His supporters think we are just haters wanting to cause him trouble. New York especially does not like him, and too many think you cannot indict a sitting president. This is totally wrong!

YOu can indict a sitting president, he just cannot be forced to go to jail while his is still a sitting president he has to b impeached first


Michael Moore predicted this two years ago, it is unlikely Trump will leave office quietly if at all.

Trump will never leave quietly. He was set to protest the Hillary win until he found out that he won. Trump would like to never leave office at all.


That's ridiculous...

It was ridiculous that he was ever elected in the first place, unfortunately ridiculous does not connote impossible or even improbable.



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