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If you found out you were dying... Something to think about.....

HippieChick58 9 May 6

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Hey HC....tell me about that profile pic. I thought you looked more like this........

Mother's day is coming up. The picture is my mother before she had kids. Mothers day is very poignant for me, mom died at 45 so never got to know my kids, and now that I have grandkids I miss her even more. She would have loved being a Grammy.

@HippieChick58 When I was young I thought everyone had a great mum. Everyone deserves a great mum. I as lucky enough to have had one. We still talk sometimes (I know what her answer would be so I answer for her). I'm sorry you lost your mum so young. It's a lovely pic.


I agree with what Carin said below. I find it liberating to think on death. It puts all the minor concerns in perspective and keeps me appreciating what I have. And it makes me want to make the most of each day.
I've thought about my own burial and it will be Green....perhaps a shroud like our Lord. 😉
And anyone can have my body pieces if they want them, but I don't want them fighting over my kidneys like a xmas sale.


Then I guess the answer is no because I'm not doing it.

lerlo Level 8 May 7, 2019

I'd say if you planned to live forever you're off to a good start.... However no one has gotten through this life alive.

@HippieChick58 but if I thought about death all the time I would certainly be less happy than I am.

@lerlo Do you fear death?

@MsDemeanour nope

@lerlo I'd fear it if I knew it was by sharks. I'd hate to be eaten limb by limb.

@MsDemeanour I guess you should stay out of the ocean and stick to misdemeanors 😁


Quite a few times I have narowly escaped death by misadventure, and managed to escape it.
I found out 4 years that I was facing inescapable death.
It hasn't changed me at all as far as I can tell.


I actually just got diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and it has made me Cranky Beyond Belief.
Note: I died 2x already in my life and you do Not come back all ready by to "save humanity" , you come back to pain & disability and financial ruin!
Deeply suspect anybody who tries to make severe illness "glamorous" it is NOT!


So little time. So much to avenge ...


As my remaining life ges shorter, I seem to cre less and less what other people think of me, because I will nto hae to put up with them as long.



Carin Level 8 May 6, 2019

The closer you get to death , the less you are able to do . Your options lessen .


Beating cancer works too...😀

@slydr68 did it 4 years ago on 5/29 @ 9:50am

@Charlene 9:50 am, eh?

@Carin it's the date & time of my final radiation treatment for throat cancer..😀

@Carin it a date & time I won"t forget ever..


There is a big difference between knowing you are going to die eventually, and knowing your death is imminent.


Lol thanks for the cheery wake me up! 🙂

After you process it for a while, it actually is kind of cheering. Or at least freeing.

look at this way - your day can only get better from here on! 😉😉

@Carin for sure liberating..

@Lavergne ummmm, nooooo, Congestive Heart Failure means you drown in your own fluids, literally. Walking in front of a train sounding very good......

@AnneWimsey response was to BigWaveDave. I wasn't commenting on anything to do with congestive heart failure. Nasty way to go... 😟

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