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This could be filed under health and safety or just funny but seriously people, people are traveling on two wheels again now that the good weather is here, try not to break them.

Surfpirate 8 May 7

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I agree with it, but we are asking the regular human population to be nice and reasonable and have good judgement of distances and does that story about the scorpion and the frog go? Yeah...biking on roads with fast moving 2 ton vehicles controlled by morons who could be texting, day dreaming, drunk, high, and/or emotionally unstable is basically asking for the scorpion to sting you. Why take the risk? Just don't do it.

Even if there were independent bike lanes, and punitive laws protecting're still relying on morons to follow the rules...and they won't. Dead is dead. Who cares if the moron spends a few years in jail? Why take the risk?

As a motorist myself, I slow down and give a wide berth, but sometimes I just don't notice bicyclists because they blend in and I'm not expecting one on the rode 99% of the time. It's freakin' scary.

I ride on pedestrian pathways and grass. I never use the road when moving vehicles are on it. I walk my bike across intersections only when I feel safe, and not rely on others to see me.....cuz morons.

Motorcyclists....y'all crazy. Especially when riding in Texas.

As my wife often likes to remind me - Eric, you keep assuming that most people are aware but the fact is that most people just don't think, at all.

If you really don't see a lot of cyclists when driving you should think about surrendering your licence before you kill someone.


My mother was mowed down and killed while riding her bike. She was on the shoulder of a road that only had one vehicle on it.
My uncle was working on a highway and was pinned between two vehicles putting him in a coma.

It's fairly simple, don't drive with an entitled attitude. Do you really want someone elses blood on your hands because you were being a dick?




It would be nice if everyone watched for others regardless of what you're driving, riding.....when I was motoring around the country on my bike...I figured my life was in my hands, and that no one else was going to look out for it. ...and that there might be some that resented me being alive and healthy... I still drive with that attitude.

Absolutely, it would be nice if some drivers didn't see it as a contact sport, stay safe. 🙂

@Surfpirate yeah....would be nice if the world, in general, didn't see life as a contact sport.......intirely too many angry people out there wanting to "go see god", or wanting others to do so..


the Dutch have the right idea. If a cyclist is hit by a car the car driver is automatically held to at fault.

It would certainly help to change the mindset some car drivers have that the road belongs only to them.

The Dutch have a good idea, but then again, I have seen a LOT of bicyclists with attitudes that put themselves at risk, and put them into dangerous situations...


Yes sharing the road , gets us all where we are going.


I am a bike rider and find that some other bike riders don't have any common sense, however that said I find a lot of motorists are going out of their ways to intimidate bike riders and thus cause accidents.

Yes, I noticed the intimidation
of all pedestrians-it's a disturbing trend.


I like the first part but the second part is a bit over the top,

I rarely cycle on public roads these days because of dumb fucks in cars.


Yeah but good message


Sadly anyone who rides a bicycle has to be twice as careful and law-abiding as motorists. We have to be on guard for all the distracted drivers and the drivers who don't even notice where bike lanes are. Most of my cycling is on designated bike paths for this reason. I am fortunate to have nice trails in my area that keep me off the city roads for the most part. Very tragic to hear of cyclists being injured and disturbing to think that many folks don't see bikes as a legitimate means of of transportation...more like nuisances. I even heard recently that the word cyclist is being challenged since it takes away the human factor....the man, woman, child on the bike. (Here's the article: []


Hey, bicycle riders are not dumb fucks! Many are fit and healthy. Bicycles do not pollute like motorized vehicles.

My boyfriend, Bill, 55, is a medical doctor. He's on the left. On Saturday, they rode 90 miles with 3,900 feet of elevation gain. These men are in their 50s and 60s.

Bill is training for a 100-mile bicycle race on May 11. He competes in 4-5 bicycle races each year. And lifts weights.

What a body!! "I want to keep my muscles so you are attracted to me," Bill said.

Lots of people riding bikes wouldn't qualify as fit or healthy. Take the person whose picture is on the back of the bus, for example.


We have to scoot over 4 feet to give riders the right of that we have bike lanes, it is safer for them and the drivers...

There still are a lot of stupid bike riders...I hate the ones that want you to obey the laws but break them by going through lights, turning illegally, etc. ha ha this is great...

And is it worth it to run someone over? A woman commuting to work on her bike was crushed by a delivery truck today in my city, tragic.

@Surfpirate I respect bike riders and admire their commitment to exercise and not using fossil one's life is worth some contrived hatred toward bikers, motorized and not...share the road...they paid for it as much as the rest of us...

@Surfpirate that is really sad...unfortunately, the burden of safety usually is on the bike rider...wrong or right does not help if you are dead...

@thinktwice It's a hectic pace, the driver said he was in a hurry and just didn't see her, even though he dragged her for almost a block. 😟

@Surfpirate oh how doesn't take a lot to check if you know bikers are around...


I stick with 4 wheels....

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