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LOL... If religious people are serious about the bible they shoudl protest socks as often as they protest gays.

snytiger6 9 May 15

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also never leave the house head uncovered, cut your hair, shave, mark up your body piecings too. Eating pig, or scavengers of any type.


And, let us not forget that the Goat-herders Guide to the Galaxy expressly FORBIDS them to partake of the flesh of any animal with "cloven hooves, any shellfish, crabs, prawns/shrimp, etc, and DEFINITELY nothing from the Swine for they are ALL unclean."
But when such is mentioned to the Faithfools their usually response is, "That is from the Old Testament and no longer applies since we have a NEW Covent with God, the New Testament."
To which I always reply, "But that comes directly from the New Testament as instructed to Peter by the Jesus himself."
Boy does that put them into quite a spin and quandary.


Got to watch out for those socks, man. They are really sinful!


Here's another part of the bible many "Christians" seem to have gotten wrong:


and lobster . . . mmmmmm . . . lobster


The gay community are a scapegoat to make Christians feel good about missing the mark.


It is in their nature to embrace their inner hypocrite.

That's got a ring to it 😉


And cheeseburgers. And tattoos. And being uncircumcised. And bacon. And shrimp. And divorce. And shaving. And...


I wish all they did was protest. Unfortunately they judge and descriminate.

Some go much further that that, they maim and murder.

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