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John Lennon - Imagine (World Leaders Lipsync Version)

I have to admit, this made me cry. This is a very profound video.

What you are about to watch is not real.

It could be, if our world leaders and each of us would come together for each other and our Earth.

Imagine how beautiful life would be?


By SleeplessInTexas8
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It's sort of my theme song. It's a nice thought


This is primarily a European initiative but could be a start for a world wide one, if you agree.


jlynn37 Level 8 May 19, 2019

I like to imagine that...and then I remember how humans allow their minds to grow lazy and stale. But, I know what living ‘as one,’ might could look like!


Very clever!


John Lennon's inspiration is found in so many cogent, cathartic songs.

Skeptic66 Level 7 May 19, 2019

And for counterpoint here's a photo of John and Yoko waiting for the maid to make the bed so they can continue protesting against the system

MattHardy Level 7 May 19, 2019

That's really good. Imagine all the money freed up to solve problems!

brentan Level 8 May 19, 2019

Instead of dealing rationally with humanity's real problems, lets all hold hands and sing "Kumbaya".

PBuck0145 Level 7 May 19, 2019

It's a lovely fantasy.

KKGator Level 9 May 19, 2019

Very well done. Thank you. Made my day.

John-Paul Level 7 May 19, 2019

nice thought


Very cool 😎

bobwjr Level 9 May 19, 2019

In this universe?

Reitnorf Level 4 May 19, 2019

"Imagine" was one of the first songs that helped me realize it was ok to question things. "Dear God" XTC was the one that helped realize who I was.

cimoore34 Level 6 May 19, 2019
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