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Just something interesting -- and because I love bees.


evidentialist 8 May 25

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The headline is a bit misleading. They were not trying to "rescue" the queen but following her to set up a new colony. That aside we should all love bees as without them we would be struggling to find much of our food.


whole new meaning to follow the leader


I have a hive--obviously, I love bees, too. What's just amazing is that....this is all chemistry/pheromones.


very good...I like bees too... 🙂


Most interesting. Thanks.


Thanks for this, I too love bees, if not for bees where would we be📧😊. Don't think enough people realise how important they are to the sustainability of life. What a wonderful person the car owner is.


Great site btw TY for posting it.


I am heartened that these people were considerate enough to find the problem and resolve it without simply killing off the bees as a nuisance!!! WOW...good for them...thanks for sharing...


A honeybee swarm is usually not aggressive (unless the variety of bee is an aggressive one) the bees have carbo loaded b4 leaving with their new queen. I love honeybee culture. A bee keeper friend kept hives on my property, I use to suit up and help with the bees.
One time I heard them getting ready to swarm - a kind of low buzzy hum, as they flew en mass from the hive I quickly started banging on a metal can - you want to simulate thunder, rain is death to honeybees, so thunder means wetness and they will quickly seek a place to light on to protect the queen. After banging for a bit I ran back to the house and called my friend to bring a new box. He did and was able to gather them up from the hanging pine bough they had congregated on. It was 12 feet up but he had brought a ladder.

We had hives on our farm in Oregon when I was a kid. After a while, they seemed to recognize us when we went out to tend the hives. I swear they sent out welcoming committees to land on us so we'd know they were ready. We were careful how we handled the bees and never had to smoke the hives. None of us got stung -- ever.

@evidentialist How cool is that??!!! They must have gotten to know your smell and sound of your voice. I would like to think they maybe even recognized your faces. 🙂 I worked the garden where the hives were and they never bothered me but I did suit up when my friend game to tend them. He did smoke them but only a little and not everytime.

@evidentialist I do think they get to know you...I had a huge carpenter bumblebee living in a wood table I had...I sat outside and let him do his thing...I know he was ruining my table, but it was not that great anyway...sometimes he would be less than an inch from my nose, staring at was odd but cool...I think he knew I would not harm him...all summer he visited with me....I was allergic to bees, but never feared to be around him...I am sure they don't live long because after the summer, I never saw him again...I keep wondering if another one will take over his hole in the table...

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