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In a few generations the caucasion race will be extinct. Not by war or desease but by the very fast growing non caucasion races and interacional interaction.

DonaldHRoberts 7 May 26

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As a white person, I feel it is my duty to say, "So, what?" And I'd like to follow that question up with, "Who cares?" And for my closing argument, I would like to posit, "Good."


if you get your DNA looked at you may be very surprised who you really are

@DonaldHRoberts i said "may"

@DonaldHRoberts the way the planets going it will be lucky to last a couple of generations.


I'm not concerned about caucasians becoming extinct. I just think that there is beauty in all our racial differences and distinctions. I'm happy to be living during a time when I get to see them.


Caucasian is not a race. Homo sapien is the species that has developed differently across the world depending on interactions with previous genus.

Race is imaginary in that some choose to separate themselves by useless definitions. A construct.

YES.Thank you,There is one race human.I wonder if on the census I could write human if they use the word race?


I always choose "other" and write in whatever I am feeling that day Lol! The one that kills me is the "white non-hispanic". We need to stop discrimination across the board when it comes to skin pigmentation.

@Bierbasstard Hey,I don't know you,but I like you,you agree with I'm Canadian and everyone was freaking out about a new long form census some people would get a few years ago.I got it and it was really intrusive and personal,I just skipped stuff and on the 6th page started writing what I felt like and commenting and doodling in the margin.It is the law to fill it out,not my problem to care or to tell the Govt. my life story.The race and language part was strangely worded,trying to be so Canadian and politically correct and at the same time coming off sounding super racist in a way.. Cheers. Just had to add that my GF is "other'' whatever that


Maybe it will cut back on the incidence of skin cancer.

Heck the more we mix the more genetic variation - the better for EVERYONE.

Of course by than we'll all need sun shields that you can't see through - so... hmm...

@backwardsman Why? I'm curious.


To look at me, I'm white - but actually I'm an interracial mutt. If all whities were subjected to a DNA test, I suspect most would find they're mutts too ! Very few pure bloods exist now anyway.


That will be healthy! There will be no racial barriers, if everyone will not be so tied to outward differences.

@DonaldHRoberts I believe there is the human race only!


Do you have the results of the extensive studies you've obviously done to reach this conclusion?

How many is a few generations?

What the hell does interacional mean? Is Spanish your native language? Did you mean internacional?

There is only one race. DNA confirms that superficial differences in skin tone and bone structure does not change the fact that we all belong to the same species.

JimG Level 8 May 26, 2019

or interracial...?

@DonaldHRoberts If we eventually meld to the point that all ethnic variations disappear, that eliminatevone reason for hatred, if we can overcome our religious superstition as well, that'll be another tremendous step toward unity, but fifty generations is a long time. We'll have plenty of time to cause our own extinction before then.


And I for one will not miss their lily-white ASSumption of superiority....


Logically, every race will be 'extinct' when enough admixture has occurred. So what?

Gareth Level 7 July 21, 2019

Not remotely likely. Arab and Berber peoples are Caucasian. The people of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, are Caucasian. Caucasian is NOT a skin color. Caucasian refers to a certain type of skull. In fact, the "races" as a whole, can be divided into a number of skull types.


I'm ok with that.


I would not count on that . . . . the Cajuns in Louisiana have been there since they landed, and many of them are rednecks who would not intermarry with another race to save their lives, and there are plenty or other rednecks all over the USA who feel the same way. If you were right, that would be fine with me though . . .

THHA Level 7 May 26, 2019

@DonaldHRoberts ...


Not extinct, but different. The various races are thoroughly mixed. Whatever emerges on the human landscape will be beautiful, strong and intelligent.

Yes, thank you.. My Aryan Nephew just married a full Chinese, any children should prove magnificent. My youngest is paired with a mate of full Pakistani decent … again, I’m envisioning beautiful, intelligent results 🙂


This is a bad consequence of tolerance and inclusiveness. All groups contribute in known and unknown manners.

Jacar Level 8 May 31, 2019

Why would I care about my skin color? If we are a giant melting pot of the races why would I care if I am white or not? Some dippy minister once said that god did not want the races to live together and mix inter-racially. Was it that minister or god who ended up being so dumb as to not understand the invention or planes and ships? FYI, there is no pure Aryan race. It's a myth, but you can believe your Jesus was the only white man in Jerusalem if you want to.


One cannot make that assumption. Reduced natality does not presuppose extinction. Any unforeseen circustances could change this pattern, or impact other populations adversely giving caucasians impetus to increase births.

If the caucasian race shpuld go extinct, then it obviously had become evolutionarily and/or cilturally unfit and should go extinct. The genes won't disappear altogether.

First there is no such thing as genetic race in humans. In the human species, race differences are purely cultural. The true definition for race entails geographical isolation from rhe parent gene pool, then independent evolution. It also involves the evolutionary changes becoming distinct enough that the new population would not likely interbreed with the original population ( biologicsl reasons, not conscious choice reasons). Every human contains a little bit of every other "race" existing on the planet in their genome.
Human migration patterns made dure of this.

Evolution doesnt work that way. If I understand your intimation thats more Lamarckisn. And yes I haven't come back to the thread until now.


I'm sure there will be quit a few pockets of inbreds through the land especially in southern USA .


What is this Caucasian race you speak of? If you mean expansionist colonisers...... Good.


So ?


There is no such thing as the "Caucasian Race". Smh.


And what makes you make that statement?

A basic understanding of polygenetics would show that this is not likely to happen...

@DonaldHRoberts ahhh...while that is a better sentiment, it still will not happen...we are already the same and it has been proven through Mitchondrial Eve

Pigmentation through polygenetic genes no matter how many instances of interracial alliances will still create varying colors...and yes, this is superficial need to wait for any future to know that


Good riddance..


Probably for the better most people !e mongrels not pure anything

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