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Got accosted by an Anti-vaxxer yesterday while waiting to catch the bus.
She literally moaned and complained about her child catching Head Lice at school from another who had been vaccinated by its parents as per the Government Regulations.
She whined that after consulting several Law Firms about suing the parents for, and get this, "Failing to get their child vaccinated AGAINST Head Lice," each Lawyer simply told any case she tried to bring to court would be 'laughed' out of court because, A) there is no vaccination for Head Lice, B) by admitting in Court that she had REFUSED to get her child its final vaccinations before it entering the school system and falsifying the vaccination record, SHE could face a number of charges including Fraudulently Altering Medical Records, etc, etc, thus receiving either a very hefty fine and possible action to remove ANY children from her care, and, C) be expected to cover ALL costs including those of the Defendants.
It was almost impossible to maintain a straight face listening to her idiotic rant and the utter hypocrisy that spewed from her stupid mouth.

Triphid 8 May 30

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what a nit-wit, worried about a few nits.


I would have egged her on.

I was sorely tempted to do so but I quickly realized that it'd be like talking to brick wall no matter what I said.


Timely post... I just read that the number of measles cases is the highest in three decades...

@Antidronefreeman nobody said that šŸ™„


With absolutely NO sense of irony Iā€™m sure that her child was exposed to a completely treatable inconvenience while she is putting all of society at risk šŸ™„

What you said!

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