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This would have been my husband Peter’s 72nd Birthday. He died in 2010 at the early age of 63. He was the love of my life, it was instant chemistry when we met in 1972 and we married the following year. He doesn’t know the sadness of losing our elder son Graeme a few months ago, that is a burden I have had to bear without him, but not alone, I’m lucky to have a support network of friends and family, including my Agnostics friends here on this site.

Peter wasn’t the least bit musical, a great regret for me, who am quite the opposite. He valiantly came to all my recitals and concerts and said he enjoyed them, but I’m sure he’d much rather have been doing something else, like having his teeth pulled for instance! He did have a few favourite pieces of music though, mostly classical, but he did love me singing the Ewan MacColl classic The First Time Ever I Saw Your in memory of him, here it is being sung beautifully by Roberta Flack. On 2nd June....for Peter with love ...Marje ❤️

Marionville 9 June 2

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So sorry anyone would miss a love like that

Thank you.


Condolences. It is so hard to be missing someone you loved so much.

Time is a great healer.....but the special days still hold a sadness.


Wasn't that in the Clint Eastwood film "play misty for me"? was..!


That song reminds me of a puppy-love affair of my youth. So sad. Furry hugs from afar!

And back again.


My sympathies,I had 27 years with my late wife(26 good ones),lung cancer tool her 13 months after the diagnosis,even with Radiation and Chemotherapy,it was too little too late,come Sept 13th it will be two years she's been gone....

It’s something most of us must face, sadly. We just have to go on without them though.


What a lovely way to share a memory of Peter, thanks for this @Marionville

Salo Level 7 June 2, 2019

And thank you for responding.


Im so sorry for your loss. I lost a close friend to AIDS 26 years ago now but never an ex. My ex-husband Tim is terminally ill and nursing home bound again. Despite financial issues with him I know it will hit me to say goodbye.

Yes..I’m sure it will. But we have to go on with life, we are survivors,


I'm sorry for the losses of your husband and your son. Even though I know it is a burden to bear, I'm glad that you and Peter found each other and shared the joy of having each other and a family. Thank you for sharing.

That is so very kind,..thank you.


So sorry

Thanks...It’s something we all experience sooner or later.


Thinking of you this day...the joy you bring to others through the music you share with us says something about your character to think of others even through your own grief and sadness...

Lovely tribute...thank you for sharing a bit of yourself and your life so we can learn to be part of each others' worlds...a family of friends...

Thanks...your words mean a lot to me.


Love, peace and hugs to you.

Hugs back ...thanks,

  1. Far too young.


@Marionville My husband is 74, after a massive heart attack at 42 that should have killed him, but had another heart attack & stroke at 47. The stroke only affected his peripheral vision, so he's totally functional other than not being able to drive due to the eyesight.

@Lilac-Jade You’re very lucky to still have him after that. Peter was never ill a day in his life until he got cancer of the oesophagus and died in nine months. He was 6ft 6 and nineteen stones, and lost a stone a month for five 14 stones he looked emaciated! Poor man...I prefer to remember him when he was larger than life in all respects.

@Marionville Oh that damn cancer, its become an epidemic.....I am a survivor myself, 14 years June 5th. Sad to know it took your husband.

@Lilac-Jade. Glad you survived....keep keeping well!

@Marionville Thanks. Wishing you well too.


Very touching. Even brought a tear to the eye of this old cynic. A beautiful song and you certainly have a way with words.

Thank you, that is a very nice compliment.


Thanks for sharing your lovely tribute @Marionville, I didn't know if I should put the hearts or a teardrop in the likes, I share your sadness at this moment for Peter and Graeme. Lots of love from all of us here, your friends!...🧡

Hugs to you all back!


As long as he is in your memories, he lives. May the music reinforce the memories.

That’s lovely Petter are his namesake.


Very nice tribute, Marion.

Thank you, I hope it was.


A beautiful song for a beautiful couple that I am sure you and Peter were together. Hugs to you.

And to you.


what a lovely tribute!

Thank you, I hope it is.

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