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Does it bother anyone else when people thank a deity for their recovery over doctors? When something goes awry--those same people are blaming the doctors and not their deity though!

Mea 7 Mar 11

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What bothers me is the abject hypocrisy of it.


I was irritated when my Catholic wife expected the kids to thank God for everything we had. What about dad's hard work, sacrifice, and prudent investing?

Oddly I was raised Catholic and knew precisely what my Dad did for us? A heck of a lot. And my Mum never would have placed that one at god's feet.

My mother used to say, "If I had God in one hand and money in the other, I'd take the money every time."


It is stupid af. I agree with you.


I also hate when they say god made something bad happen so they could make lemonade or how they wouldn’t be such a happy wonderful person if god hadn’t put them through the hardships to make them be able to appreciate the good times. We all have good and bad regardless of religion and have to decide how to react and apply those to our lives.

That's the worst. If your god is all omniscient, omnipotent, and benevolent--then why does he allow terrible things to happen to you and others? The scapegoat of "Oh, he works in mysterious ways!" always seems to make an appearance.


Yes. It bothers me that god only gets the good stuff. He is never to blame for child rape or cancer or the many other shitty things that happen. But oh, you got to work on time? You got the best parking spot? Thank god!

Well yeah, when something awful happens its obvious that" god works in mysterious ways".. unless you win the lottery or a football game. Then he's pretty forthcoming

@Ersomething & I understand that. But it bugs me so much. Cause it’s so superstitious. Like my sister was worried she wouldn’t get along with her daughter cause she’s a Capricorn and my sister is a Leo. But because my sister’s moon sign is Capricorn, everything is fine. Like... it would’ve been fine anyway. Personality doesn’t have anything to do with your star sign. I know it’s kind of irrelevant. But I see it as the same thing

Oh I was just being snarky haha. Basically just agreeing with you that if its a good thing then its clearly god but they claim hes blames for the bad things.

Of course, a lot of people will claim that everything god does is good in the end, in which case he's using peoples suffering as a means to an end which is even worse. It's such a mess


Not just Drs, but anthing good that happens in their lives is sent from above.


Right up there with posting "God will send you money this week if you re-post this".

Don't get me started...


Like I've talked to with someone else on a different thread.. Can't wait until a coach or player starts cursing God after they lose a game. "We played hard but that son of a bitch, God, still willed us to lose. Screw you, God, and your illegitimate son, Jesus!"

That's hilarious, I ought to start blaming all of my misfortunes on a god. It'd throw people for a loop!


yup, sure does, the pattent disreguard for the people that did the work


Its the game, and the player too, but its hard to overcome a lifetime of indoctrination perfected over thousands of years.

How else can they claim an all loving god? Never mind "all powerful" if It allows a doctor to screw's still all part of the game though.


Typical double standards. I believe these kinds of attitudes prevent us from evolving as a species.


Oh, for Pete's sake! Wait a minute ... is God's name "Pete"?


It really denigrates the work and knowledge of doctors. People with that attitude should be sent to the car park to pray so the doctors can treat the rest of us.


It pisses me off how derogatorily doctors are often referred to by a lot of theists I know.


I think people mouth these platitudes just to fit in socially. If they really believed everything was "god's will" or under "god's" control, they wouldn't go to the hospital in the first place-just accept their sicknesses.


Used to bother the hell out of me, especially if I went out to the ER at 3 AM to do the saving


It depends on the doctor. lol joke. people are contradictory, all of us at some time because life is not black and white. a friend had a picture of a rainbow ending right at a statue of jesus and was talking miracle. like god shoves all the starving and people in agony screaming for mercy aside to send her miracle rainbows. absurd.


I thanked my doctor.


I get annoyed by it as well because I find it rather disrespectful to the practitioners who do all the damn work to hardly get acknowledged. Thank God all you want, I don't care if you do, but give those that actually tangibly DID something their due.


It was gods plan of course.They always kiss gods ass when things go their way ,and their god is always off the hook when things go wrong . This is classic religious brainwashing bullshit .


This is a classic one.

I’m bothered most when the people thank god and don’t even begin to realize that if science, specifically medical science hadn’t progressed to this point, the patient could very well be dead. To add irony, all science would be light years ahead of where it currently is if religions hadn’t interevened over the past 500 years. Even killing those whose discoveries conflicted with their non-factual doctrine.

absolutely and their book tells them they have freewill but everybodys being blessed all the time. how about thou shalt not kill. how the hell are we going to eat? lol

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