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Did you know that if you enter, "Beatle," on any website, (or my browser,) that word will be highlighted as a misspelling?" It needs to be plural - "Beatles." It doesn't seem right. You don't say, "Paul McCartney is a former Beatles."

MrDMC 6 June 5

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That is because there is no such thing as a “Beatle”...there are members of “The Beatles”, a collective entity. They only ever existed in the singular, as individuals under their own name. The same applies to members of other groups.


Interesting. I would never refer to one of the Beatles as a Beatle. I would say Paul McCartney is a Beatles' member, or as I just did above " he was one of the Beatles.

I wasn't autocorrected above when I wrote "Beatle."


Paul McCartney died in a tragic accident (as reported by the media in 1966). There is some speculation that he was murdered, but no evidence.



i just tried it. i googled beatle and the first listing was wikipedia's entry for the beatles. i received no indication of misspelling. i'm not sure why i would enter anything on most websites -- most websites are not search engines. but i took you to mean search engines and did not find what you seem to have found.



Well, websites don’t check spelling typically. Web browsers and operating systems do. That’s why you see unified behavior across all websites.

Thank you


I tried it with Rolling Stone but of course it doesn't work. There is not a magazine called "The Beatle"

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