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Do you think we will get in the similar era if Trump gets re-elected in 2020?

St-Sinner 9 June 5

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I think we’re already there, and it will continue to get worse no matter who is elected. Trump didn’t create the mess we’re in; he’s a symptom rather than a cause.

skado Level 9 June 5, 2019

No. This will be worse.


Yup. We've got a satanic monster in the White House. 😟


I refuse to even onsier the thought. The idiot Trump MUST be beaten and indicted.


I saw some of the coverage of the D-Day commemorative services on the BBC today, and thought that the far right supporters should either be staying away from it or bemoaning the defeat of their beloved Nazism, but more likely they will be celebrating the people who stormed Festung Europe in twisted irony.
Having been studying the rise of fascism at college this year, I see the deep similarities with the Alt-Rights popularity in the Western World.
For myself, I guess I'll have to start looking for a nice wall to be put against come the revolution.


The whole world is stumbling and sleepwalking in to it, grateful for the "promise" of freedom FROM unspeakable horrors, at the cost of condoning the loss of freedom to object to anything else.

Not unspeakable horrors, nonexistent horrors. Man is so lost in the nighttime of peace that it fails to see the dawn of destruction.

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