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Oh my Straight Pride...the OPPRESSION!

BohoHeathen 8 June 7

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Homophobia is homophobia even under a different name.


Please tell me straight pride is a joke. SMH.


Sometimes I'm just fucking emberrased to be a straight white male.

1of5 Level 8 June 7, 2019

Not cool straight people do support gays no need for parade

SOME do. Others....not so much. Have you ever heard Hayes Carrl's song "Fragile Men"? I thought of that song when I heard of the whole Straight Pride Parade. I've actually tweeted it to most high-ranking GOP Senators (male), just for giggles. Also to 45 and Pence. Why not?


Straight pride? Are straight people being shamed? I had no idea...


I posted an article "Straight Pride Parade" to be held in Boston. My accompanying remarks were snarky but directed at the event and not ad hominem attacks on the originators of the event. Most comments were supportive, but I had one member go OFF on me, using profanity and really villifying me for what I had said. (I called the parade "pathetic".) It was rather interesting, the amount of anger this person displayed. I advised him to avoid PRIDE events, lol, as he obviously found LGBTQ ANYTHING triggering.


They already have them, led by some dude called the Grande Wizarde. I know, I spiced up the dud's name. I know, I called the jerk chicken a dud. I'm dun.


I think the whole straight pride thing is the result of white heterosexual men are upset about losign their entitlement to beign treated as superior without having to do anything to justify it. Now, they have to deal with being treated more equally and they have to work for and earn the privileges they used to get for just beign a while heterosexual male. They fear having to compete on a equal playing field.

I don't agree. I am straight. I don't take pride in that fact, it just is, as being gay, just is. Straight or gay pirde is the same as taking pride in being white or black. It just is, not a matter of pride.

@Bobby9 Fellow straight male here. You seem to be conflating two different meanings of pride. You seem to be talking about pride as if they are taking pride in a genetic inheritance (gay or straight, black or white), which - if applicable - would indeed be approximately just as absurd as you've sketched.

But LGBTQ Pride isn't about that kind of pride. Rather, it is pride celebrating human dignity and the hard work of self-affirmation in defiance of centuries of relentless denigration and shaming driven by straight homophobia, attitudes that in recent years have turned all the more poisonous and violent in the shadows as they have become less socially acceptable.

Since straight folks have never faced such denigration, they haven't had to learn how to affirm themselves despite such relentless shaming. So, yeah, for straight people, being straight just is. But members of the LGBTQ community have had to practice a self-affirmation vs. society that we straight folks really have very little concept of.

@vertrauen No difference,

@Bobby9 No difference? Have you ever been shamed for being straight?

@vertrauen No, and that is irrelevent. Pride and shame are opposites Marching for Pride in no way indicates one is doing so to avoid shame. That is like saying one has pride in their child to cancel feelings of shame.

@Bobby9 Not to avoid shame really, but rather to move boldly well beyond it, in large part to counter the profoundly damaging impact of shame that has been inflicted upon members of the LGBTQ community. This countering occurs through self-affirmation in defiance of society's attempts to shame and also through creating a celebratory and welcoming space for those who have not yet felt safe enough to emerge from their socially-imposed shame space, aka the proverbial closet.

You seem to be equating the straight and gay experiences, but they are nothing alike.

Of course, LGBTQ Pride also celebrates the accomplishments of community members who have done great things, just like St. Patrick's Day for the Irish or Black or Women's History Month. But even here it is very often about raising awareness of people's identity that had been silenced bc everyone of significance has been presumed for so long to be straight white men.

@vertrauen Give it a rest.


I found these attached to a Straight Pride Parade announcement. If I were going by the bland colors and passive aggressive messages, I'd switch teams. A certain sect of angry people have serious collective self-esteem problems. Sad. BIGLY sad.

Can you say "insecure"?


I heard about this... They want to have a straight pride parade in Boston.


And they'd be chanting, "Gays [likely they'd say something worse, but I won't], you will not replace us!" and be blissfully unaware of how totally idiotic they sound as they announce their masculine fragility.

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