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The new jobs report is way behind what it should be. There are also fewer created jobs in the past few months than previously reported. Not going to get Trump re-elected - yay!

sassygirl3869 9 June 7

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I find it interesting, up here in Canada they have the best unemployment rate they have had since they started keeping records! And that despite Cheeto’s crappy tariffs and bitching! πŸ€‘


I have been listening to Dumb ass Don lately and I see him proving Carl Rove from a speech he gave many years ago. Take what is true for you and put it on others, make what is true of yourself and blame it on others. If you are morally corrupt say the other party is morally corrupt, blame them for your bad attributes. If one takes what he says about others and applies that to him it becomes a truth.


Don't celebrate just yet 2020s not even here


Except you're assuming that his faithful followers care about such things ... I wouldn't celebrate just yet ...


Yes, there are lots of jobs out there, if you want a career in fast food. But Capitalism works in a cycle--Expansion, Inflation, Recession, Depression, Recovery. Trumpy's tariffs will rapidly bring on the Inflationary phase. Then, it's a downhill slide to the inevitable!


That's a mixed bag if info, for the country. Jobs are down due dummy in the oval office and other bs is bad. Removing the bitch from the White House by hook or crook is good.

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