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Right Wingers are gathering courage across the world

Lesbian couple viciously beaten in homophobic attack on London bus = []

The attack took place on a night bus on May 30 as the couple, Melania Geymonat and her partner Chris, were traveling home from an evening out together.

St-Sinner 8 June 7

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Pardon! Off the meds again, what a down right ridiculous thing to say, so there’s no right leaning lesbians! And to be honest there are no right wing extremists, pure fantasy made up to spoon feed sheep by the media moguls who s only intent is the spread discourse

Kitz Level 4 June 8, 2019

Right wingers -homophobic ?. Don't see the connection, Probably a couple of inadequate men who tried to chat up the girls and were rebuffed.


Something like that happened in Montreal a few years ago. A couple of lesbians were attacked outside a metro station. In response to that attack, the day after, they closed the street where it happened and hundreds of people, straights and gays, staged a huge kiss-in protest to show their support to the victims.


One mass shooting (4+ people)/ day this year America. So CNN report on a bus assault in London, where similar assaults are unheard of in the US.
Why is this even news? I'd say because it has nice footage to go with it. The headline baits with lesbian. A click bait story.

Perhaps because gun shootings in USA aren’t global news anymore, rather like spelling bee tournaments.

Probably news because an attack like this is almost unheard of here. Mass shootings are so common in the USA that there has to be something unusual about it to even make the news.


Let's think! What if one of these ladies had a loaded weapon in her purse? So much for British gun control!

zesty Level 7 June 7, 2019

NO NO NO. Absolutely no! This is a rare event, shocking but rare. Oh n the term 'ladies'...they are women

@Amisja Oh YES! Happens all the time. Ladies must be able to blow the hell away the rapists and bullies. Basic concept of freedom!

@zesty The OVERWHELMING majority of the British public do not want guns

@Amisja Of course. Let the dear thugs, rapists and the like just roam!

@zesty Its a 16 year old child.

@Amisja If a guy is old enough to beat up women with no reason, he is old enough to die. Why are you protecting him? Was it a Muslim?

I'm not saying I agree with you zesty, but since guns aren't allowed in the UK, but knives are, if I were one of the young women attacked, I would be getting one and learning how to use it.. or at least getting another weapon like mace or pepper spray....


I missed the part where they were right wingers.

Yeah they are dicks and apolitical

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